Gift Ideas Using Mason Jars

Gift Ideas Using Mason Jars I’m very excited!!!  Spotlight have very generously sent me a gift voucher to buy a few of my favourite things from my local Spotlight Store.  On top of that – they have also offered YOU…

Gift Ideas Using Mason Jars

I’m very excited!!!  Spotlight have very generously sent me a gift voucher to buy a few of my favourite things from my local Spotlight Store.  On top of that – they have also offered YOU all the chance to win a $500 Spotlight voucher EVERY WEEK for the next eight weeks!  Think of what you could do with $500 at Spotlight! I will be showing you my purchases – and you have eight chances to win a $500 Gift Card!

My first weeks find is Mason Jars!  I adore Mason Jars especially at this time of year as they are inexpensive, versatile and make for fantastic gift ideas that won’t cost you the earth. What are Mason Jars you might ask?  Well they are pretty moulded glass jars with lids traditionally used for storing jams and preservatives over the winter months and originated in the United States. They are also (until now) notoriously hard to find here in Australia without spending a fortune on postage!  But fear not! They are available nationally in every Spotlight Store in the kitchen section!

The Mason jars from Spotlight vary in size and price and start from $2.99.  The  jars I picked up (in the pictures) were $4.99 each with the standard metallic lid but I paid extra to get the red and white fancy lids ($7.99 for a pack of six) which really ‘pretty’ up the jars. They were even cheaper in a pack of six although the jars were plainer than the sort I am showing you here. Here are a few ideas you could use with Mason Jars.

Cookies In a Jar

We have a recipe or two on the website – but give the jars a really good clean (dishwasher is great) and dry well, then find a recipe that has lots of assorted dried ingredients that you neatly stack layer by layer.  Attach a label with the amounts for the wet ingredients and how long to cook it for – and it makes for a very attractive and inexpensive gift for under the Christmas Tree. An alternative or twist on the Cookies in the Jar idea is breakfast in a jar (see picture below).  Add some muesli, dried fruit or nuts, perhaps some chocolate drops and tie a ribbon over the top!

Make a Mason Jar Lolly Stack (see piccie)

This is a great one for the kids and really simple to make!  Fill the jars with various lollies and stack them up!  Add some eyes and a nose (from the craft section of Spotlight) and cut out a cardboard hat and your done.  It makes for a lovely table centrepiece for Christmas that the kids will love to make!

Sewing Kit In a Jar:

Buy an inexpensive sewing kit and strategically place them in a jar.  It’s a great gift for someone that doesn’t have a sweet tooth and is very practical.   Choose items like cotton, needles, a measuring tape, safety pins and a pin cushion!

Home Made Jam

Mason Jars were made for home made preservatives, relishes and jam and they make for a wonderful Christmas gift. Try strawberry, marmalade, green tomato relish or home made tomato sauce!  Nothing comes from the heart more than home made!

To win a $500 Gift Voucher courtesy of Spotlight – all you need to do is enter below in the RAFFLECOPTER giveaway widget and tell us about which special in their latest Spotlight Catalogue you would buy!

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Competition closes Monday 10th December 2012 at midnight and the winner will be notified via email!


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Disclaimer:  This is a paid promotion from Spotlight.  Items chosen for the product reviews were chosen by me (Jody Allen) and not the promoter.  The writing, ideas and opinions are my own honest and truthful experiences. 

  • Melanie

    Thank you for the opportunity, with four active children and an avid crafter a new overlocker would be an absolute dream. Fingers crossed : )

  • kat hudson

    Without a doubt, the first thing i would buy from the catalogue is one (or two) of those round ottomans. :)
    I have been eyeing them off every spotlight visit. heehee

  • http://stayathomemum wendy johnstone

    i would love new christmas decorations for our new home we have recently built in toowoomba

  • Melanie Wojtasik

    If I was lucky enough to win a $500 giftcard with spotlight I would head straight to the linen aisle and buy the logan and Mason quilt cover set for myself and the 8 piece Koo Bed in a Bag for my teen daughter…that’s just for starters, I have a very out of date and sad linen cupboard!

  • http://stayathomemum wendy johnstone

    i would love new christmas decorations for our new home

  • Tracey Lenia

    I would definately have to say the half price Christmas tree’s and decorations as its so expensive these day just to have a basic Christmas….My girls would love it

  • Kelly George

    I would buy a Xmas tree at 50% off as I don’t have one yet!

  • Rhiannon Stevens

    I would buy the weird science kits for the kids, they love that kind of stuff and keeps them crafty (busy!) over the school holidays!!!

  • Crystal Hooper

    I would definitely buy new quilt cover sets for everyone in my house!

  • Maree Schmidt

    If I win the $500 voucher, I would buy a sewing machine, dinnerset x2, a rug.
    Thank you.

  • http://Facebook Krystal ladbrook

    If I won with the voucher I would buy everything to set up my little boys room, I’am hoping we move out of our In laws vey soon, cause all I have wanted is for my little boys room set up with new curtains, wall sticker, quilt covers ect ect, this would help me very much also spoiling my amazing mother for Xmas :) I would love some new quilt covers out of the catalogue and accessories to set up our new home :)

  • Angela Buck

    i would buy a brothers sewing machince so i could make my kids some curtains for their bedrooms and some clothes and aprons. like my mum and grandma did when we were little.

  • naomi fitzgerald

    King sheets, different materials for sewing girls skirts, always do with more towels:)

  • Rebecca Mclaren

    If I was lucky enough to win I would buy both of my children the Kaiserwood treasure chests to use as advent calendars… I’d also love to replace our old blinds… and maybe if i am really lucky buy myself a new bed spread :-) Merry Christmas to everyone :-) thanks spotlight and stay at home mums :-)

  • Elle Hosking

    A new logan and mason king size doona cover, its the last thing on our list of things to buy but would love a second doona cover for our bed. A nice change and not so much of a rush to get it washed and dried the same day

  • Melissa Sweeney

    This is an amazing comp and thank you so much for the mason jar suggestions, lots of teachers to make presents for now!

  • Nikki Thornton

    The first thing i’d get is a new quilt cover either the Koo or Logan and mason one’s..anything has to be better than what we have (very nannerish!) and one for the spare bed at Christmas i’m not embarrassed when i’m dragging old covers out of the linen cupboard!

  • Natalie Vella

    Redecorate!! I would get some new blinds, quit cover, rug and curtains for my room. I always update the kids room but never ours.

  • Nikki Thornton

    I’d be getting the new doona covers either Koo or Logan and Mason. Ours are very nannerish and I’d get one for the guest would be lovely when guests stay over at Christmas not to be embarrassed dragging old covers out of the linen cupboard.

  • Helena

    I would love to get some new bath towels and lovely new quilts & sheets as we are trying to sell our home and these things would help to pretty the place up!

  • Tania Lynch

    This is such a fantastic and needed prize on offer.The winners of these will have hours of smiles and creative brilliance.

  • rebecca

    if i won the 500dollar voucher i would go crazy with xmas decorations for my 4 children they would go insane

  • Jordi

    I woukd have to say the $599 brother seeing machine i have been looking at that one every week i go to spot light

  • Nikki Thornton

    I would so have to get new quilt covers, either Koo or Logan and Mason. Ours are so nannerish and i’d get one for the spare bed so when guests stay over at Christmas i won’t be embarrassed pulling old ones out of the linen cupboard!

  • Jordi

    The brother sewing machine i stare at it every week i go to spitlight

  • Marnie Ryan

    I would buy timber Venetian blinds as we currently have old sheets hung on our bedroom windows & nothing at all for the rest of the house! Merry Christams & thanks for the chance to win! :-)

  • Gaynor

    Definitely the Brother NS30 sewing machine, has been on my wish list forever!

    • Jody

      HI Gaynor, for your entry to be valid you need to enter on the actual post! Good luck!

  • Clare B

    I would definitely spend the money on Christmas Decorations. This is the first year we are putting up a tree as a family and we have very little in the way of decorations. I would like to deck it out in the works seeing as it is my daughters first Christmas.

    • Jody

      HI Clare, you need to click on the entry form for your entry to be valid!

  • Sherri Chapman

    We are renovating our house and I have a really big blank wall in the front entrance, so I would buy a whole wall full of picture frames so the smiling faces greet you as soon as you walk in the door.

  • Jessica Wells

    How can I choose? But the one think I have been wanting for such a long time is a sewing machine, so I think I will be getting one of those and some material to make some cloths for my 3 kids.

  • Susan Jones

    If I am lucky enough to win a voucher, I would buy a Thomas bed for my son, the fairy sleeping bag for my daughter, a couple of round ottomans for myself and spend the rest on crafts to do with my children.

  • Emma Drew

    I would get a couple of roller blinds and some paints and craft stuff for the kids.

  • Helen Brooks

    I would go straight to the Christmas fabrics to run up a Christmas dress for my daughter and a matching one for her favourite doll.

  • Naomi Taylor

    I would buy a bunch of bright coloured beach towels and repurpose them into beach robes for my girls and also make one into a strapless dress type thing that I could throw on over my swimmers at the beach!

  • Jodie Stroud

    Great competition, I have my fingers crossed I will be one of the lucky ones!

  • Casey HIlton

    Hi i would buy lots of material to make my kids some new dresses and also some blinds for there rooms…

  • Natasha Christoffel

    I would buy a new shaggy rug cause my 6 year old and 10 month old have destroyed it and I can’t afford to buy a new one

  • Monica

    A little help??..Ive clicked all over the entry form there is nowhere for me to type in my answer or do I do it here under comments? If so..I would buy some curtains as Im setting up our new nursery for our first born and the room gets too hot so needs curtains desperately for summer!

    • Jody
    • Nicole

      You need to enter via the Rafflecopter widget Monica you need to click on the bit that says Easy entry for all Spotlight fans on Facebook and like the Spotlight FB page from there, then that will unlock the bit on Rafflecopter where you need to leave your comment to enter!

  • amanda rowe

    i would definately be purchasing some more continuous sheer multi drop curtaining for the bedrooms :)

  • Lainie Flynn

    I would definately buy a new bed spread / quilt cover set as I like to start the year fresh with all new linen etc.

  • carole rowe

    A new visky hills shaggy rug!

  • Kari

    If I was lucky enough to win a voucher I would spend it on material, patterns for my 2 children and home dcor.

  • sonja moors

    I would buy DD10 the Elna Elina 21 sewing machine as she has been taking sewing lessons and loves it. I would also buy the Logan and Mason quilt sets for the boys bedroom, who have just been put in together. Any left would have to go to blinds/curtains for our loungeroom…been living without, with neighbours looking in, for 18 months now!

  • Kate kitanovski

    Thank you for the opportunity to Enter
    :) i would buy new bed sheets, nothing quite like new sheets on your bed! :) :)

  • Katrina Doyle

    I have my eye on the mason roller blinds! Am in the process of trying to convince hubby – we desperately need new window coverings.

  • Kate kitanovski

    Thank you for the opportunity to Enter
    :) if i won i would buy new bed sheets!! Nothing like new sheets on your bed :) :)

  • Laura kent

    I would redo all the bedrooms with new quilts in prep for our new baby ….

  • Lisa Hart

    I would definately buy the Toyota over locker hoping to finally get my woman cave set up in the new year and want to start making clothes and cubbies so I can’t continue to be a SAHM. With the rest I would buy some block out material or blinds or curtains so my girls may sleep more. 2013 is my year of me time!

  • Natalie Verrall

    I would love to update our bedroom and one of the Koo printed quilt cover sets would look amazing !

  • paula

    I would buy the 8 peice bed in a bag..the one with the Effile tower on it for my daughter..and may be get my other daughter her curtains for her room :)

  • Nerida

    I have just bought the Francheville plastic storage box from Spotlight and craft stuff today and would love the voucher to buy the kids the Dora quilt cover sets and sleeping bags at 50% and the Logan & Mason printed quilt cover for hubby and me -beautiful!

  • Kirsty

    I love this competition and I totally love mason jars!! I have apricot trees and need jars all the time around christmas to preserve them in!! Also I like to get christmas fabric to decorate them and give them away as gifts!

  • Ashley

    If I won the $500 voucher I would buy all the little things to do up the nursery for our first baby that is due in June!!!

  • Lauren

    I looooooooove Spotlight! I’m not allowed in there anymore because I want to buy EVERYTHING!!!! I love to sew and even though I’m new to it, I’m told I have good technique. So if I won I would buy a sewing machine and overlocker and any left over would go on fabric to make clothes for my partner and I, my god-babies, my sister and brother. He’s 12 and autistic and won’t wear anything with buttons and zips so it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to buy him decent shorts and pants without buying online and spending a fortune on postage for something that’s not very fashionable.

  • Aimee Pobjoy

    I would buy the Kaiserwood DIY apple tree and the treasure chest

  • laurelei slack

    Roller blinds for the kids bedrooms in the hope they will go to sleep before 8pm!!!

  • Danielle

    I would love the Toyota SLR4D Overlocker. I am making dresses for little girls in a rural town and an Overlocker would make it so much easier :)

  • Kate Beazley

    Material! Material! Material! Thinking of all the lovely things I could make

  • Susanne Turner

    Chocolate fountain $39.99 looks AMAZING ! I would be there in a flash to get that if I won !

  • Erin

    Where do I start……………..?
    I would buy a Christmas wreath for my front door, Christmas material to make some bunting, the chocolate fountain, the cocktail shaker and the beautiful cherry blossom bed spread for one of my best friends for her wedding :0)

  • paula

    I think i would have to firstly get some curtains made for my middle daughter..shes been using a blanket over her window..not that she has complained :)

  • Elissa Pollard

    I would buy new quilt cover sets and sheets for every room and also stock up on material for my sewing hobby

  • Estera Nagy

    I would buy timber venetians for our new home :) Just in time for Christmas!

  • Jacqui

    Without a doubt, Christmas decorations! I’m crazy about them. With $500 to spend I’m sure ill have some extra spending money, so id also grab a new doona cover for the spare room for holiday guests.

  • Shanae Findlay

    I would purchase the Henry Tab Top Curtains, to replace the old and dirty curtains in the house I am renting so that all the rooms in my house look more presentable

  • http://stayathomemum casey suhr

    We r renovating our house so i wouls spend the voucher on new linen for our beds and new kitchen ware. Having a new house u need new things :-)

  • http://stayathomemum casey suhr

    I would buy new linen for my bed, new kitchen stuff and spoil myself with some fabric to start to use my sewing machine.

  • Tracey Brown

    Bath mats, I really want some new bath mats

  • karen

    Just moved house so new curtains and linen for the kids

  • Amanda Baker

    I already went in yesterday and bought some of the Christmas decorations, wrapping paper… and I quite fancy the gingham sheet sets in the children’s range. There was some lovely quilting fabric marked down that I might go back for as well :)

  • http://Stayathomemum Danielle green

    I would buy bits and pieces to decorate the house, as we put everything away when we had bubbas, now that they are 4 and 2 i would like to pretty up the house again :)

  • Fiona

    I would definantly buy some of the arts and craft stuff to give something to my kids to keep them entertained over the xmas holidays

  • Gabrielle Coventry

    I would buy the Dora and Thomas bed frames and bedding for my kids, they will be sharing a room in the new year, and it would be delightful to start with matching furniture!

  • Katie Austin

    There is a koo quilt cover I would love and the range of ottomans are great.

  • Lorna

    I would live a new quilt cover, haven’t had one in many years,so I would def get the Logan and mason quilt covers :-)

  • Jodie

    I might be needing some new curtains for my little girls nursery – we’re slowly re-doing it anyway, but my bestie just found out she’s having a boy and is finding it hard to find one’s she likes – just so happens the ones hanging in my nursery match the cot sheets she’s bought for her little man! So loving the $12.49 tab top curtains in maybe a purple shade x

  • http://Facebook Corrine

    A new Toyota sewing machine, a couple of ottomans and of course craft supplies for my children

  • Pamela Millington

    If I won a $500 Spotlight voucher, I’d be able to redecorate my freshly painted bedroom so it’d all match!! Out of the catalogue, I’d start with some new sheets and a quilt cover. I’d also buy some of the uncoated jacquard fabric to whip up some new curtains and all new towels for the ensuite. How exciting!!!

  • Jade

    If I won the spotlight voucher I would buy new pillows, quilt, sheets and a quilt cover set oh how amazing that first nights sleep would be.

  • Kerry Metcalf

    If I was lucky enough won the spotlight voucher, I would buy the Brother NS30 sewing machine.

  • Sharon

    I would buy lots of the craft items but most of all the Thomas quilt cover set for my son as this christmas he wont be getting any presents as we don’t have enough money left after paying our bills and i would love to be able have something for him to unwrap.

  • Tracey Vink-Fox

    I would love to give my mum the Red Cedar Timber Venetian Blinds as a thank you gift for always being there for me when I needed her, no questions asked.

  • Merryl Chantrell

    If I won the $500 Spotlight Voucher I would buy Koo or Logan and Mason sheets and quilt covers and I wouldn’t have to worry about budgeting for these purchases.

  • Merryl Chantrell

    If I won the $500 Spotlight Voucher I would spend it on some lovely Koo or Logan and Mason sheets and quilt covers without worrying about budgeting for these purchases.

  • Rachel Stewart

    Love the ottomans!!

  • Mary Cole

    Some new Mason & Logan Quilt Cover Sets to freshen and brighten up my dull bedroom for the Summer season.

  • Marilyn Triffitt

    Firstly what a great cataolgue with many choices to choose from and thankyou for the opportunity.
    The $500 would be spent on practical needs and wants for family and myself. Things like ironing board cover, new placemats and runner, bathmats, Belle & Mason Home Fragrance, Villa & Oslo serving ware, a throw rug, some new cushions to brighten for summer and some solid plastic tableware for summer picnics.

  • Corrine

    Love this competition. I would purchase a sewing basket. Need somewhere for all my sewing things to go, other than in an old fishing box.

  • Tamara

    I would purchase some blockout blinds for our bedrooms so we can all sleep in!

  • Mel

    I would buy a round ottoman, laundry basket, clock, cushions…and a whole lot more!

  • Anna

    I’ve already poured over my Spotlight catalogue a few times since it arrived in the mail, picking out all the items I’d like. At the top of my list would be the die cutting & embossing system and new fabrics to make my daughter some dresses and skirts and to make some extras as Christmas and birthday pressies. I’d also love a sewing basket to give to my Mother in Law for Christmas, there were quite a few lovely designs I know she’s love.

  • Siamme

    I would love to win the gift card as I would use it to buy my daughter the Dora bed, plus sheets and new Dora stuff for her room as at the moment she is only sleeping on a mattress on the ground as we can’t afford a bed for her yet and she would absolutely love the Dora bed

  • debb

    I would buy a sewing machine to fix my hubby unending pile of work pants that split down the bum!

  • Katrina McAliece

    I’d by lots of fabric to use with my Mother In Laws 20yr old overlocker she just gave me as my Hubby & I are on our way to loosing 100kgs between us we need MORE CLOTHES LOL!

  • Debbie Maycock

    I would get loads of fabric as I enjoy making things – clothes, toys etc for my grandchildren.

  • http://StayatHomeMums Kristy Blissett

    If I won a gift voucher I would buy a Belmondo quilt cover set for my bed, a Dora microfibre quilt cover set for my daughter and all new linen

  • Maria

    I love the round ottomans, and definitely some of the kids crafts.

  • Lara Hainsworth

    Loving the beautiful round shape platter. It will make my Christmas nibbles totally matter!!

  • Kathleen Pattemore

    I would love to win so I could purchase the brother sewing machine.. I have a brand new daughter who I would lo’ve to be able to make pretty dresses for her. I have asked for it for Xmas but hubby says no…:(

  • Sharon

    I’d love to buy some Christmas fabric and make some lovely decorations.

  • Pauline Stacey

    What a great Christmas Present a one stop shop for all your Christmas gifts

  • Shontel Sketchley

    I would buy a bigger Christmas tree with 50% off as we have a tiny tree and since renovating our lounge to make it bigger our tree looks even smaller.

  • Shontel Sketchley

    I would buy a bigger Christmas tree with 50% off as since renovating our lounge to make it bigger our small Christmas tree that we have had for 8 years now looks even smaller.

  • Yvette

    I imagine that their could be many things to help Santa START his gathering for two small is tight and bills still roll in. Though Mmy wouldn’t mind a new bedspread to cheers herself too!

  • Kathleen Pattemore

    I would buy new linen for my bed, A brother sewing machine & plenty of fabric to start making my little princess some dresses..

  • suzanne

    l would buy,quilts covers and quilts,towels,blinds,curtains, pillows.To brighten up my bedroom and make it look more fresher and up to date.

  • Joselle Griffin

    I’d get some of their ready made curtains for our lounge room, which currently only has vertical blinds… I’m addicted to Spotlight!

  • Joselle Griffin

    I would get some of the beautiful ready made curtains and some of the Christmas craft packs.