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$50 Week Grocery Shop

Once a month Cooking

I hope you all read my tips on reducing your grocery bill - this works in conjunction with those tips. I can only tell you how our family achieve this – you might have some better ideas (if so – please share!!!) or tastes.

First of all – I only shop monthly – but in this instance I’ll do a fortnightly list for ease. So that’s $100 ($50 a week x two weeks). Now I’ll take $10 off that amount as we buy meat in bulk every 8 months or so – the fortnightly shop has to pay for that meat. I only buy what is in season. My Mum has a glut of eggs and citrus – so that’s something I’m lucky not to have to pay for. I buy my fruit & veggies separately from my normal shop (unless Aldi have them ridiculously cheap – which is often!).

1. Meal Planning

I plan my meals around what I have. My fortnightly list usually goes something like this:(ps – all kid friendly food – nothing fancy)


Bacon & Egg Pie

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Beef Chow Mein

Sausages in Pastry

Slowcooker Saucy Sausages

Pasta Cabonara

Apricot Chicken Curry

Savoury Mince on Toast

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Slowcooker Roast Chicken

Chicken Pasta. All are either served with veggies or have veggies in them.


I pack left overs for hubby to take to work. Myself and the kids usually have sandwiches. I’ll get to kids lunches further down. I do baking once a week and we enjoy that the morning teas etc.


Cereal or toast during the week. Crumpets on Saturday, Bacon & Eggs on Sunday.

2. Preparing the shopping list

I write my list up of all ingredients I NEED – for instance – I need pastry and cheese for the bacon & egg pie – but I have some left over in the freezer from last week…. You have to be flexible. That’s why the $50 will go over some weeks – for those kinds of incidentals.

  • Meat: Bacon 1kg $7
  • 2 whole Aldi Chickens $6.50 each = $13
  • Chicken Legs $4
  • Cherios $3

I already have mince and sausages from my bulk meat buy


  • Big tin of apricots $2
  • Spaghetti Noodles $1.50
  • Rice Noodles $1
  • Hokkein Noodles $2.50
  • Sugar $2
  • Flour $0.80c x 2 = $1.60
  • Weetbix $4
  • Butter (get the Black & Gold from IGA – $2.50 for 500g x 2) $5
  • Small bag of popping corn $1
  • Tin of condensed milk $1.50
  • Tin of Evaporated milk $1.50
  • Tins of crushed tomatoes x 3 $3
  • Tomato soup $2

Fruit & Veggies (I purchase mine from the local markets):

  • 1kg Onions $2
  • Big Bag small apples $3
  • Mushrooms $5
  • Pears $3
  • 4kg bag of brushed potatoes $4
  • 1 pumpkin $3Frozen mixed vegies $3

Kids Lunches for school:

  • Poppas from Aldi $2 for a pack of 6
  • Sandwiches
  • Fruit that is currently in season (see Fruit & Vege)
  • Popcorn – make it yourself and pop it in a bag – keeps well and kids enjoy it!
  • Go Gurts – yes they are expensive $5 – but you can FREEZE them for lunches (they are yogurts) and they fit into lunch boxes.  Getting a large yogurt and putting dishing it out would work out even cheapers!
  • Box of sultantas (then break up into little bags) $2.50
  • Cherios on the weekends


You have enough ingredients above to make all those recipes – and do baking with whatever else you have in the cupboard!

  • aleesha

    you can also save money by making your own sweetened condensed milk. its fairly easy to find on google, homemade sweetened condensed milk should get you there! I cant tolerate milk but my husband has tried a batch that I made once for him and said that it was a good substitute. He ate it like he does the tin stuff so I think it passed!

  • Tan76

    I definately love the sound of Aldi…its such a shame we dont have one anywhere near where i live :(

    • MM

      Me too Tan. I think they might only be an eastern states thing?

  • WW

    Where do you source your bulk meat? we just got a freezer for this exact purpose

  • samanthajayne

    Definitely go your local butcher! Most people when buying meat from Coles and woolworths don’t look at the per kg price. Yes the pack of meat might only be $10 end price but how much per kg are you paying? Buy the same weight from a butcher and you save around 20% on average. I saw on another article that ‘stay at home’ pays around $10 per kg for a side of beef. Shop around a little more. My parents own a butcher shop in Deagon 4017 and a prime grade of beef for a side is only $7.99kg cut to your specifications and packed to your specification. If your local butcher is dear find a butcher online that will home deliver for free. My parents shop delivers free for all orders over $50 up to around a 50k radius. It definitely pays to shop around. Your local butcher will always have the same if not better quality meat than the big supermarkets and they are by far cheaper!!!

    • Sophie

      @Samanthajayne – is this Deagon Bulk Meats or the one in the shopping centre? I live in Deagon and $7.99/kg for a side of beef sounds fantastic to me! :)

  • k.connor

    Local Butcher is great, we have recently started buying bulk again ans usually buy approx $70 worth of meat. They will usually have lists on their display wall with what bulk buy deals they have going at the time. usually have up to 6 different types of meats. I also agree that Butcher meat is a lot better grade meat and better value for money, you can split it all up and make several different dinners.

  • http://www.facebook.com/courtney.a.lee.3 Courtney Ann Lee

    This works great when you’re a meat eater, but we don’t eat meat in this house.. Buying fresh fruit and veg all the time is costly… We spend nearly $300 a week!

  • lisa

    looks amazing.. wish we had an aldi out here as we pay nearly twice that for all the staples you have listed!

  • avay