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Super Easy Styles for Busy Mums

Okay I admit it. Whenever I have an appointment to get my hair done I browse through the fashion magazines taking in the beautifully put together outfits designed for ‘date night’, ‘office attire’ and ‘weekend’s away.’ And while the $400 stilettos and $250 Sass and Bide dress are beautiful, I am always left wondering when in the world would I ever wear that? So, thanks to the amazing fashion advice from Gok at Target, we’ve put together three outfits for real life. These versatile super easy styles for busy mums  can be worn over and over and over again for a number of occasions. Scroll down to learn how to WIN a Mummy Style Makeover with Target. 

jenna lounge outfit whiteOutfit #1 – The School Drop-Off/Grocery-Shop/Return-To-Shops-Because-You-Forgot-The-Damned-Butter/Late-For-Dentist-Appointment/Lunch-On-The-Go/Pick-Up-The-Kids/Walk-The-Dog/Bugger-It-I-Burned-Dinner-Again Outfit

You know the days that never seem to end? Well here is an outfit that will go the extra mile with you. This casual run around outfit is comfortable but also fashionable.

  • Ladies Roll Cuff Boyfriend Jeans – these ultra comfty jeans give a slouched look all the while still highlighting your body. I love the slight roll on the cuffs and the freedom to move.
  • Derby Slingback Sandals – Bargain alert! I snagged these for only $7.00. Gok would be so proud! But if you don’t really feel like donning the wedges while doing the shopping, opt for a pair of gladiator sandals or ballet flats.
  • Hot Options Tie Front Top – the beautiful and subtle pattern, tie and collar add a little something extra to the outfit that a plain tee fails to do.

Styles, colours and sizes will vary from store to store.

dinner outfit jenna white backgroundOutfit #2- The Interview-With-Child’s-Potential-School/Lunch-With-Mother-In-Law/Dinner-With-Hubby-Outside-Of-The-House-For-Once Outfit

This is our version of the ‘dress to impress’ outfit. It works for date nights (you know, once a year!), as well as lunches, dinners and social outings where you want to go the extra mile. It doesn’t take much to put this beautiful outfit together and you can add a bit of lipstick and a nice pair of earrings to finish the look.

  • City Dressing Floral Santeen Dress – how pretty is this? It’s on trend (I’ve been told) and fits like a dream!
  • Ladies Boyfriend Cardigan – this super soft cardy is perfect for chilly nights. It matches the tones in the dress and can easily fit in a bag when it’s too hot to wear.
  • Hot Options Suzy High Heel Dress Sandals- every gal needs at least one good pair of black heels and these ones are not only pretty, but also easy to walk in.

Styles, colours and sizes will vary from store to store.

weekend outfit jenna with priceOutfit #3: The Saturday-Quick-Stop-At-The-Shops/Attend-Birthday-Party/ Race-Home-For-BBQ-At-Friends/Collapse-On-The-Lounge-Wine-In-Hand Outfit

If you want to look a little bit on the fancy side but still comfortable for a day of running around, then this is a great option.  This outfit  provides you with a classic and elegant look in one.  It is perfect for the hot summer ahead.

  • Dark Wash Boyfriend Shorts – the beauty of these shorts is that because of the extra space in them, they fit a little baggy and can actually sit down and move around without feeling like the shorts might rip.
  • Paired Blue and White Button Blouse – there are a number of different nautical styles out there that work well with the boyfriend look. This silky number is lightweight and fun!
  • Hot Options Steph Strappy Platform Sandals – the brown sunnies, belt and sandals complete the look for effortless chic.

Styles, colours and sizes will vary from store to store.


So, which style do you like the best? Here’s your chance to WIN A MUMMY STYLE MAKEOVER. We’ve got two $100 Target Gift Cards to give away to the readers that tell us in the comments below “Why do you want a style makeover?” The winners will be selected on creative merit and originality. Good luck from the team at Stay at Home Mum. Read Terms and Conditions. This post was brought to you by Target

Thanks to everyone who entered this great competition. We loved the responses! The winners are:

  • Lynda R
  • Lisa J

And the most loved outfit was #1 

  • jenna and jadeJenna Gallina is SAHM’s advertising writer (not model!!). As a lover of casual and comfort, she can often be found at her computer in slippers and boxer shorts or doing the kindy run without shoes. She lives in Cairns, QLD with her two young children, husband and dog. 

  • Helena

    I want a style a makeover as I don’t feel I have a style. At least, not a conscious one. I dress for comfort and that usually means dressing for the weather. I love outfit #1 above but seriously could only wear it on days above 27 degrees. I’m at home full-time on medical leave but want to get back into work. I have kids moving from primary to high school so while I’m busy I do have more me-time – I just don’t know how to dress/make-up/style myself anymore. I’m not sure what kind of mum/wife/woman I am now.

  • Ashleigh Walters

    I would love a mummy wardrobe makeover, most of the clothes I have in my wardrobe have been in there since I was 20! I’m now 26, and I don’t remember the last time I went out and treated myself to some new clothes!

  • Amanda Glover

    Hi, love all these outfits but no. 3 is how I’d love to be styled! I’m a stay at home mum of two & don’t get to ‘indulge’ in new clothes very often! This outfit would see me through the summer/christmas bbq season! Fingers crossed! xxxxx
    Amanda G.

  • Kelli Both

    I really NEED a style make over…I have an 8 mth old gorgeous baby boy so have minimal time for myself (not complaining, just stating a fact!). I can’t seem to lose the last 10kgs of baby weight no matter what I do or how hard I try. I need new clothes as not much in the pre-pregnancy wardrobe fits but going shopping can be depressing as I tend to focus on all my wobbly bits in the change room mirror (even the evening lighting doesn’t help!) rather than the clothes I’m trying on so I desperately need some new style to help me feel good about myself again, even the wobbly bits! :-)

  • Em

    Because I genuinely haven’t bought myself a completely new outfit since a Christening in 2011… My black clothes are all “somewhat grey”, I have nothing in “this season’s colours”, As a double-degree full-time student and a stay at home mother of two – an outfit equates to the week’s worth of groceries. It would be such a real treat to genuinely treat myself. I quit smoking 4 weeks ago and swore I’d splurge with the money I “saved” to reward myself… Instead I of course spent it on the kids/the house/life in general. If I won I PROMISE I’d actually spoil myself – no exceptions! :)

  • Megan Murdoch-Attard

    I love the dress! My wardrobe is pretty much made up of trackies leggings and t shirts! Would be nice to feel like I look nice! I think that makes sense!

  • Traecey Drexler

    Tired of spending my days in daggy shorts and baggy t-shirt, running around after 3 kids. Outfit #2 would help me feel snazzy and sexy for a surprise lunch with the hubby. Lets just hope it doesn’t start with lunch and finish with baby number 4 :)

  • Edel Sullivan

    Ugh yellow. A colour that suits very few people. And none of these styles is going to look good on anyone above a size 10. No thanks – don’t like any of them.

  • Cathi de Vriend

    I seem to live in the same old jeans and tee shirts as I seem to get stuck in a rut every now and then. This stale and lazy phase usually lasts about five years or so but this time around it’s been closer to eight years… Time sure does fly! My faithful old jacket has been a big part of my life for over ten years now and goes everywhere with me even though it’s looking more grey than black these days. Somehow, it still seems to go with everything I wear. Help! I’ve just come to the conclusion that I really NEED a style makeover!

  • jodie hoblos

    5 kids! I do school runs in my pjs and then put on yesterdays trakkies! Style? I dont even brush my hair every day! Im always in trakkies and leggings and long singlets and those old comfy jumpers that need to be tossed out but never are.. yep, definatly need style advice..

  • Pernilla S

    Outfit number 1 is the one I like the most. I’m a stay at home mum with three kids with a style that’s not very stylish. Uptil now it has been more about comfort while I’ve been caring for the kids. Next year my little one starts school so it’s time for me to get back into the workforce. Looking in my wardrobe the other day and thought that there is nothing in there that I could use for work, all the clothes are to mumsy. It’s been over 8 years since my last job. I’m terrified that my downfall will be that I don’t know how to dress for work, I won’t look the part so noone will hire me.

  • Wendy

    Outfit A is the one that takes my fancy. As a mum of four I have rather neglected myself for the past 13 years and now with all the kids at school I would like to start looking after myself but haven’t a clue where to begin. I have lost all confidence in knowing what would look good on me and as such have a wardrobe full of plain t-shirts and jeans. Please help me

  • Rebekah O’Keeffe

    Style C is my favourite. I don’t wear high shoes as I’m pretty tall, so this was one of my main reasons for picking it. And I believe you can never be told old to rock the short shorts. I love the few pairs I already own and would love more! Why do I need a style make over? Because hardly any of my clothes are breast feeding friendly, so everyone gets a flash of my tummy tum tum.

  • Megan Coe

    I don’t have a complete outfit that fits properly! My body shape is nothing like it used to be before I had my son. Yes, I’ve started to loose weight, but from places where I never used to loose weight. Actually, the weight is just shifting from one place to another. For eg. Finished breast feeding, lost weight from my bust and it dispersed itself to my thighs, neck and arms. I need clothes that flatter my new shape! Help me please!

  • Megan Coe

    Oh and outfit number 1 please!

  • Rebecca Saward

    I love style number one as this would most likely be the only style which would suit me being a plus size. I really have no idea if any thing would look nice on me.

  • May

    5 Reasons I would like a style makeover from Target…please.

    1.My almost 5 month old constantly vomits on my clothes.
    2. I haven’t bought a new outfit in over 9 months!! Help!!!!!
    3. My current wardrobe is very outdated…I’m talking years! Help again!!
    4. I’m 27 and get my sisters hand-me-downs…she is younger than me!!
    5. I live near a Target.

  • Lynda Rego

    Mirror Mirror on the wall shows an image that says it all. Food in the hair, bags under the eyes, and muffin topped jeans clearly no longer my size. These pre-baby clothes really need an update, I need a stylish outfit before it’s too late! Something comfy, fashionable and new would make me feel a million dollars (and no longer smelling faintly of spew).

  • Sara partis

    I really need this because I’ve lost touch with what looks great on me and after having 3 children I desperately need a new wardrobe I like outfit 1

  • Anita Audrain

    After having 5 children
    The weight piled on
    For years i was a frump.
    Now 35 kilos down
    A new look would mean
    I’m no longer a grump!
    I love outfit #2 as i love wearing dresses now :)

  • Kellie Duggan

    Please can you see i need you to help me. I am a mummy of 6 the youngest just 10weeks. It’s been far too long , i could write a sad sad song about how it’s never about me. To win a target voucher to spend on an outfit would be a dream come true. Would love to Gok my style like number 3. Target uh uhh TarGet :)

  • Afra Feeney

    A fashionista what is that?
    I just want to hide my fat!
    Living in shorts can get so boring,
    But what else to wear each & every morning?
    I’m sure that Gok will have the answer,
    Please pick me I just want to be a little fancier!
    Style has never been my thing,
    But Target has Gok & he’s the king :)

  • Valerie Wee

    Outfit 2 is my favourite. I want a style makeover because lots of my friends said that I have lost alot of weight after having my little girl. My old clothing does not fit me well. I would like to show my new outlook to everyone that I look great in NEW ME.

  • Di Savage-Schmidt

    I would love to get some style advise…..I think I’m a bit too matchy matchy and want to learn the art of effortless casual please. Thankyou heaps!!

  • Di Savage-Schmidt

    oops I forgot to say outfit 1 please

  • Lyndal Wilson

    I have 3 month old twins and would love new clothes that fit!! I think it would make me feel nice and good about myself. I like outfit 3 as it’s casual since I don’t get to leave the house much now!

  • TJ Jones

    Looking good is feeling good, and a happy Mum is a happy bub. Target has a wonderful range, and I use to shop there a lot, but haven’t taken the time. A makeover opportunity will get me where I need to in styles and sizes that suit me better as a new mum

  • Melinda O’Connor

    I have a little “fashion expert”,
    He’s only 4ft tall!
    He tells me what to wear
    And what shouldn’t be worn at all.
    My son is helpful
    and very sweet,
    He finds me clothes
    from my head to feet.
    But it really must say
    Something about me -
    I have a 7 year old stylist.
    (I like option 1, by the way.)

  • Lauren Savige

    I am sooo in need of a style makeover! I got huge while pregnant and am still losing the weight! Let alone the fact that I dont have a clue how to dress for a size 14 with F cup chest due to breastfeding, heck I dont know how to dress to breastfeed! its like im either wrestling to get the twins out for bub or im wrestling to keep them from falling out of the lowish cut maternity top that was NOT designed for my size I need some serious help! It would be great to have an outfit to make me feel and look good! I love all the looks but I think I would be stuck with number I due to breastfeeding and not having short short friendly legs :)

  • Fiona

    Since having kids, not that I have ‘let myself go’, but I guess I slipped down the ranks in priority, as you do…..

    My wardrobe is boring,
    quite frankly I’m yawning.
    It couldn’t be duller,
    gawd, I need colour.
    New shoes or a top.
    surely this mum could rock.
    Some new style the potion.
    To rewards this mum’s devotion!

  • Kylie

    Pick me, pick me as she jumps as high as she can. Pick me, she needs to stand out in the crowd. With 3 kids first, and then the hubby there’s not much left over for Mummy. So with a little bit of change, off the Vinnies we go. She’s a stay at home Mum and the work that she does, these clothes are perfect for the job, but she misses “that” smell, the touch and to tell of where her outfit was sought. So please pick her, hand in the sky, outfit one will help her fly.

  • Wendy

    I have just finished breastfeeding after 15 months, so all of my wardrobe is very focused towards that. It would be very nice to have some fitted pieces that only need to be put on and taken off by me when I choose and make me feel a tiny bit feminine rather than bovine :-)

  • TanyaCrerar

    Style one is fun,
    For a stay at home mum,
    Or mum on the run!
    A morning baking buns,
    Or an afternoon in the sun.
    Perfect attire for everyone!

  • Katrina Walker

    While running around getting ready amongst the crazy busy chaos in preparation of school drop off while the older two fight and the baby wipes his hands/nose/face on me it takes a few changes of clothes before I give up and run out the door wearing weetbix, toothpaste, stickers on my backside (care of the girls – yeah, hilarious apparently!), hair bands on my wrist and snot. At least, after a style make over, I can still wrangle the baby across the school crossing when he insists on having a ‘lay down tanty’ in the middle of the road, hold other little hands, carry the school bag, toy cars, Shrek figurines, middle child’s handbag she HAD to bring and hold the keys in my mouth in style! Envy of school drop off instead of the mum that looks like she’s had a rough morning ;)

  • Rachel Kapsalakis

    To me feeling “desirable” is about more than just your clothes or how you do your hair or makeup. It’s an entire lifestyle. It involves interacting with people in the right way, giving off an air of self-confidence that infects others with my presence causing them to follow in my self-assuredness, personal judgment, and ability. This is the secret to becoming involved with everyone around you and getting people to like you from the second they meet you.

    Of course a good pampering session can balance us from the inside out, refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating us, making us happier and saner, all of which we’ll carry with us into our dealings with the wider world. So, a $100 Target Gift Card would certainly be appreciated and help me continue my quest of becoming desirable and stylish!

  • racheal henderson

    Style 2 I have just started going back to work after a stroke. The medication put weight on me. As a result none of my clothes fit and money is tight. I wwould love to win the make over. ♡♥

  • Charmaine Campbell

    I love outfit #2, on you, not me. I need a style make over because the jeans I wore almost every day this year, just split up the thigh yesterday and I need to start again. My 6 year old daughter tells me I never wear anything pretty. My shoes are a disaster, don’t seem to have any which are comfortable enough to wear with out socks or pantyhose for summer. I’m dreading the hot weather, I am going to melt in my hot layers, at least my jeans now have thigh ventilation!

  • Cathy Cooper

    I like outfit #1 for comfort, flexibility and style.
    As my little boy turns 1, I need a mummy makeover to renew my wardrobe which is covered in spit up, sticky food and unknown stains. To celebrate his birthday this month I’d love to buy a new wardrobe from Target. Gok me up!

  • Desiree Mulligan

    Love style 3. Being a stay at home mum of 6 children and about to embark on my new career as a uni student I need a uni student makeover! I’m sick of tracky daks and hoodies I want to step out into the the big wide world of university the hippiest mum on the planet!

  • tanya clarke

    I’d love a style makeover. My body shape has changed a lot around my middle, post birth. I have lost most of the baby weight, although it just doesn’t budge in a couple of areas….I’d love to see what clothing would be recommended for the new me!

  • Joanne Everson

    because i NEED some style. I wear the same clothes week in week out and i don’t know what suits me and what doesn’t. I’ve recently lost some weight so currently all my clothes are loose. I like outfit #2, i don’t wear many dresses but with Summer not far away it’s a good time to start.

  • Bec

    I need a style make over. I have three lovely little ones under 5 and am wearing clothes that are at least 5 years old, if not older. My youngest is only 8 weeks old so I am still carrying my baby weight and I feel like I have nothing to wear even though my draws ad cupboard are full! I just need a little help to get me on track to what suits me and what doesn’t as I don’t seem to have any idea anymore and soon I am worried that I will become the tracksuit wearing mum that I don’t want to be!

  • Kiley Bowey

    I’m due to have my second bub anyday and my first is only 18 months old. I feel like I have been in maternity clothes for the past 2 years! Definitely in need of a wardrobe upgrade :) Love outfit 3!

  • Cathy Barbagallo

    My two beautiful girls (3 yrs and 20m) keep me busy, so looking stylish and functional is my greatest wish. Style A appeals on both counts for that reason. I find wedges always look wonderful, on trend for summer and so comfortable that I can chase after my kids, through playgrounds, at the zoo and at the shops!

  • Kim Robertson

    Mummy needs a makeover
    And not cos she’s not already cool
    Know she could do with some much needed confidence
    Even though we already know that she rules!
    Only the most awesome things for our mumma
    Very special – she’s the best of the best
    Ever deserving – we know she would love #3
    Really truly she’ll appreciate it more than the rest!!

  • Nina Silkenbeumer

    I think I could do with a bit of help in the style department…. with my 2 little ones (3 and 8 months), I cannot really go shopping to try out what suits my post baby body. I am not used to that new body yet and find myself just hopping into jeans and a Tshirt most days, then feeling sloppy….and far less fashionable than my mother in law. HELP!

  • amy tulloch

    I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old and have spent the past 3 years wearing maternity clothing and nursing tops. I am no longer breastfeeding my baby and have cleared my wardrobe out of maternity and nursing tops as I am not having any more children. After clearing it all out I realised I have not bought normal clothes in a long time and I now have a very small selection of clothing that fits me. I am on my way to loosing weight so I cant afford to go out and fill my wardrobe up at the moment but would love to get a few summer staples.

  • nuria harris

    It’s finally getting hot in Perth and I’ve just realized that back in may I gave all my summer clothes to the Salvos!! ( I might have been very hormonal..can’t remember I had a 2 year old and a 2 week week old! )
    Anyway I need new clothes and I have no style!!
    Help me?

  • Tess

    I need style make over as the last year that i have spent at home has largely been in Lycra! Whilst yes ive been very comfortable but definitely havent been making any stylish waves with anyone! Help! Save me from a life time of stretchy waist pants!

  • Jaimi Layt

    Why I want a Style Makeover?? Being a young mum of two (ages 3 and 2) and a full time uni student…I am always on the go. I never seem to have time for myself or the money to look after myself like I should. I love my girls and always put them first but, I feel like I’ve lost touch with who I am and lost confidence in my appearance since having my children. I always seem to settle for what ever is quick and easy to put on and the quick braid of the hair to last the day…which is sometimes difficult with hair down to my bum :) I would love the opportunity to get some advice on what looks good on me and would LOVE to finally be able to afford some clothes that fit me properly, suit my age group and that help me feel confident in myself again. I adore Targets range of clothing and products.

  • adriene

    I totally need a style makeover. My clothes are years old and out of style. I need an update!

  • Sarah Sabatino

    Frumpy – that is how I feel! I think I have created a new sad emotion called frumpy! My clothes, hair, makeup and outlook all need a major overhaul. Not sure where to start after 4 years of oversized clothes and PJs… But this a great way to start!

  • Kirsten Benhiam

    I have bought the same types of clothes for over 10 years and I might possibly be in a style rut. Or I just might be in denial that I have no style really. I always think I’ll try something new but I never have the guts or should I say I have plenty of guts and arms and bum and legs. A change is as good as a holiday so bring on a style makeover please.

  • Anna Gikas

    Would love a style make over now that all of my 3 gorgeous girls are at school this mummy needs to get back to taking care of herself a little bit and even go back to work so new clothes would be just simply perfect!

  • Alison Crooks

    because I don’t know who I am anymore

  • Sam Martin Mullins

    Because it would be nice to wear something fabulous not frumpy and Ill fitting, and different to the same daily outfit combination I have been wearing.

  • Vicki Wainwright

    Emergency!!! Emergency!!!
    This is a style S-O-S call out….
    I’m over the 90 second leg shaves (missing bit clumps and coming out looking like I have racing stripes or only getting one armpit shaved coz I’ve exceeded the timelimit of quality alone time and had the kiddies banging on the door) in the shower, choosing my outfits by two categories…the ironed and the unironed, and rushing between work, appointments, chores and home in an effort to get everything done…this gal needs saving!
    Oh the decadence to go out for a shop!
    To the rescue…SAHM :)

  • Lisa Jene

    Let’s hear it for daggywood! It’s so comfy in daggywood. Alas, there are no job opportunities in daggywood. I need to target some great Target style and find some mojo (and a job!) away from daggywood.

  • Cathy Stone

    HELP ME, I need rescuing with a style makeover. I am in the process of losing weight, nothing really fits, would love the chance to create a new style and feel really hip. It would encourage me to keep going, make me feel so great, love to show to everyone that I actually have a waist.

  • Elizabeth Olasz

    i need a style makeover because im a mum to 3 young children ages 2, 4 and 9. i live in trackies and over sized jumpers. ive never been happy with my body and think i always look fat in anything nice. i dont have much time for myself and ive just found out i have alopecia so i could really use a pick me up :(

  • Rebecca

    After suffering PND an Anxiety disorder since having my bub 2 yrs ago it would be nice to spend some $ on myself an feel good again :)

  • Shell

    Right now I only have one style,
    Its comfort, and been here for a while,
    Trackies not as glam as Kath and Kim,
    I just stopped dressing for him,
    My T-shirts are almost as bad,
    80′s designs that make me a bit sad,
    Please help me with something to hang,
    That will make my man go DANG!

  • babybomb

    As any amazing Stay At Home Mum would do, the children’s clothes get bought first and I am left with scraps to update my wardrobe. Which is fine, usually, but Christmas is tip toeing up and I would love to wear something fab around the family instead of my usual brown sack :P

  • Lana Grayson

    I’m a single mum to a beautiful 14 moth old girl. When my little one was 6 months old we moved onto our new house. Since this time I have been putting what little money I have into make sure my little one has all that she requires, and into renovating our house to make it feel like a home. This has meant I have neglected myself along the way. Now that the renovations are complete, a mummy makeover is urgently needed. Every thing I own has paint, glue, gap filler and who know what else one it. This mummy would love to feel as good about herself as she does about her home.

  • Naomi Tree

    After my brain surgeries in Feb/Mar (5 in all), I have lost over 25kg and I’m sick of living in trackies that are 3 sizes too big!

  • hyya

    I look in the mirror and scream. What is looking back at me is not what I want to see

  • Leanne Jay

    My favourite jeans split at the knee, and they don’t make that style anymore. They were so comfortable but now I am wearing jeans that don’t fit & spending money on me isn’t an option.

  • Kimberley Smith

    I need a style makeover because I’m currently pregnant and the change of life, pace & style post-pregnancy will leave me with a big challenge wardrobe-wise! Plus I’m going to be a tired new mum and don’t/won’t have the brain space for do-it-myself-styling!!!

  • Lisa

    Between my 2 darlings in the last 6 months – 3 broken bones, 3 operations, 5 overnight
    hospital stays, 6 different plaster casts! I NEED a break of a different kind!

  • janine gardiner

    When I said I had nothing to wear to a party we were invited to, my son rushed into the bedroom to bring out what he called my “best clothes”, pink and grey tracksuit pants with a matching pink top. Style makeover needed badly.

  • feline1981

    I want my 3 little girls to think they have the coolest Mum- well they do he he he :)

  • avtvav

    It would be fabulous to look as good on the outside as my family makes me feel on the inside!

  • Troy Simpson

    I’m 40. Single. Receding hairline, bald, glasses. I live at home with parents. Enough said?

  • JBMarigold

    Stuck in a jeans rut. Wardrobe shriveled and now devoid of all glitz.
    Need kicking back into femininity with a few glam “Outside-Of-The-House-For-Once Outfits”!!!

  • sonya

    I’d love a style makeover because none of my pre-baby clothes are very flattering for my post-baby muffin top!

  • Karina Wong

    Paired Blue and White Button Blouse. It looks nice and light for summer!

  • sylvia

    i love outfit 2. i’m 24 and, according to my friends anyway, my dress style lately is exhausted and run down. i need a little inspiration. gok seems to have that in spades.

  • Sheena Lightbody

    Definity outfit #3, I would have no excuse walking around in unshaved legs with this one. After 4 kids, you just don’t dress up as much or have the time! Plus my girlfriends won’t be so embarrassed with my hairy legs when we go for our coffee dates, they would be super surprised and I would feel like a female again.

  • Ginny

    Love outfit number three for its minimalist but pretty Parisian look. It’s also really versatile, which means I can dress it up or dress it down, wear it from day to night, and not have to fuss about wardrobe changes during busy days. Gorgeous!

  • Michelle Gray

    My current wardrobe is very dull,
    and really needs to be culled.
    A fashion makeover would add some style,
    and leave me with a big smile.

  • Lauren Anastasiou

    Since having the kids I’ve gotten lazy, I admit. I don’t really think about my clothes. I spend my life in shorts of varying lengths
    and a few old favourite shirts that I cycle through each week. You know, “it’s Tuesday so that’s the black
    shirt day”. And when I have to go to
    something a little bit less casual, I have THE skirt and blouse that gets
    dragged out of the cupboard every time. All very
    predictable… and dull. I definitely need
    a major style makeover.

  • Mandy D

    These outfits have inspired me,
    To be the woman I want to be:
    Stylish. Switched on. Sleek.
    I can be budget-conscious and chic!

    I’m sooo excited to start,
    Styling and shopping smart,
    Look out Target – here I come,
    A savvy, bargain-hunting Mum!

  • Jody

    I would like a style makeover as I am a little bit scattered with my style as of late. I have 2 young kids who are both in school now and I work 4 days a week. I have been a little slack (too busy) and find that most of “my” clothes no longer fit. I have generously been given various items of varying sizes from family and friends all of whom have different styles. This leaves me with a mixed up wardrobe and nothing that is really “me”. I love bright colours and somewhat feminine styles but find myself wearing lots of plain, simple black clothes.