Mums will LOVE Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial

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Mums will LOVE Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial
This post is kindly brought to you by Bickford’s.

Have you been searching for a tasty addition for your drinks? How about one that is also sugar-free???

Make room in the pantry people, Bickford’s now have sugar free cordial available and delivers exceptional flavour. It’s a first for Bickford’s who are leading the charge for the cordial market with a healthy alternative.

It’s Australia’s first ever Sugar Free Cordial to hit the supermarket shelves!!!

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Cordial is not just for kids, mums and dads you can enjoy it too!

In 2018 my husband was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. Following the doctor’s orders it was time to make some drastic changes to his lifestyle and eating habits. This isn’t something just fell on hubby’s shoulders though, this is something we wanted to tackle as a family. I honestly thought up until this point I was providing both healthy and not so healthy options for my tribe, but I was way off!

Seeking healthier choices had me now checking the nutrition labels on the back everything I was buying at the supermarket. I am not going to lie, this took me a minute. The information overload can be super confusing. I now know that “No Added Sugar” and “Diet” does not necessarily mean it’s not loaded with sugar. Not just that, as the primary grocery shopper it can be so tricky finding good stuff that is not only healthy and appealing but doesn’t sacrifice good taste!

I can now add Bickford’s Sugar-Free Lemon & Lime or Mixed Berry Cordial to my shopping list. Being conscious of how much sugar we are consuming can give me anxiety but now with this fab sugar-free cordial option, It’s one less thing to worry about. …Finally, no more waiting for the kiddies to go to bed to bust out the sweet stuff, and I am letting all my Mumma BFF’s in on my new found guilty little pleasure!

FYI, my husband was able to turn around the diagnosis and no longer has diabetes, but we still maintain the healthy sugar free lifestyle.

Squeeze in your 8 glasses of water a day with Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial

If you are someone that cannot drink water without a hint of flavour then this sugar-free cordial is ideal, not only will you be adding something uber yummy, but you will not be adding any sugar! Perfect to help you stay hydrated and healthy, right!


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Check Out These Recipes For Everyone Made from Bickford’s Sugar-Free Cordial

Wait till you see what you can do with this super tasty bottle of deliciousness by adding it to your drinks, sodas, cocktails, mocktails and also use in cooking (SAY WHAT!!!)

Yes, more after 5 pm cocktails are on the horizon for me…WINNING!

  • Jelly Instead of using juice use sugar free cordial.
  • Adult only Jelly Add Vodka, Gin, or other alcohol to your jelly mixture. Substitute juice with Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial
  • Soda Add Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial to your SodaStream drinks or just mineral water from the shops
  • Ice Blocks Make sugar free ice blocks for the kids but packed with flavour. Use either the Mixed Berry or Lemon and Lime Sugar Free Cordial from Bickford’s to create a lemon/lime or berry ice treat. Add berries or pineapple to make the treat even more interesting and tasty.
  • Adult Only Ice Blocks Make Mojito Popsicles and use Bickford’s Sugar-Free Lemon/Lime Cordial instead of juice.
  • Sorbet A simple frozen mixture of Bickford’s sugar free cordial will allow you to have a fancy treat for the kids, and for mum and dad you can simply add some vodka or gin to take it to the next level. Add either the Berry Bickford’s cordial instead of juice and add fresh fruit to infuse more flavour.
  • Cocktails Use Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial to lower the sugar in your cocktail or just use it for a mocktail invention.

You will be hiding your bottles of Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial from the rest of the family”¦Hands OFF!

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You can now have treats without getting the guilts on, how good is that!

Perfect addition for Birthday Parties

Catering your little one’s birthday parties can be so hard, you want to treat the kids with something sweet without sending them home like kids on crack!

Even though you have some sliced up carrots and celery to dip into your hummus as well as the decorative fruit platter, it is nice to know you can offer sugar-free cordial for your guests for your gathering as well.

Your little party goers will not know they are missing out on sugar and trust me all the parents will be high fiving you as well!!!

Make sure you stock up on some extra bottles of Bickfords’s sugar free goodness for the next celebration.

Learn more about Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial 

  • Bickford’s is a family-based business, it is Australian owned and based in South Australia.
  • Bickford’s has been producing beverages since 1874
  • Great taste –  The new Sugar-Free cordial delivers a quality product with exceptional flavour. Its formulated blend of sweeteners, Stevia and Erythritol, still delivers the same taste but is now completely sugar-free.
  • No artificial colours or flavours

Where Can you Buy Bickford’s, Sugar Free Cordial?

For your convenience, you can puchase Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial in both the Mixed Berry and Lemon & Lime flavours online and delivered straight to your door via Sippify

However, if you are like me and need this in your pantry today… you can head own to your local Drakes, Foodland or IGA to get your hands on the Lemon & Lime or Mixed Berry Sugar Free Cordial. Woolworths has also stocked their shelves with Mixed Berry Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial too!!!


I’m sure you will love Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial as much as I do and add it to all sorts of creations.

Personally, it is a valuable addition that allows me to add some pizazz to my sundowners
(My nana always had a G & T after the sun went down and therefore it was always called a sundowner).

Start a new tradition in your family and create your own drink with Bickford’s Sugar Free Cordial

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