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The healthy mummy

Answered 4 months ago

So I'm trying to live a healthier life style and joined the healthy mummy 8 week challenge. I am struggling with the exercise side of things due to some health conditions and waiting to see my specialist for the ok. So I am just doing the food and sticking to my calories. Can I still lose weight this way? Or do I need to exercise aswell? (I know that will help but it's an 8 week wait to see my doctor for the ok so hoping in that time I can get a head start on the weightloss with the food)

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4 months ago
Honestly the shakes are quite grainy, that said you do lose weight slower without all the excercise.

4 months ago
I’ve heard that weight loss is 80% what you eat or something like that. I remember reading a personal trainer saying one of her clients was so sick he couldn’t do more than ten minutes of gentle walking three times a day. Apparently he controlled his food, did the three lots of ten minutes and lost a lot of weight. Good luck with it!