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How much do you spend on kids school food

How much all up do you spend?
Just curious.
Iv started getting tuckshop every day as he willl way the salad sandwhiches from tuckship but not one I pack cos it goes too soggy.
It’s on $3.80 a day for it so iv recently started getting it daily. Then he gets an apple and a Muesli bar (expensive ones so $2 -$2.50 a each)
So I gues I spend about $7 a day for school food (fruit snack time too)
I feel this is reasonable cos I know he’s eating healthy and eating.
Hubby thinks I’m spending too much.
He stopped wanting his yogurt, he won’t eat most things he normallly eats cos he doesn’t like packed food. For the whole term 2 his lunchbox was almost untouched .
Just getting an idea what others spend and how far over the norm we are now adding ruckshop


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My 2 kids order their lunch on fridays. They only ever want a toasted sandwich and that’s $3 per order. They both take $2 for recess but do t always spend it. In their lunch box they have a sandwich, fruit, popcorn or lentil chops.

 Lentil chops?
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OP Yeah what are lentil chops?!
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 I'm thinking she meant lentil chips?
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OP I had never thought of putting lentil chips in, that’s a great idea. (If I don’t eat them all)
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 Haha op of this reply here . Yes sorry lentil chips is what I meant! Lentil chops sounds a bit gross 😂 My daughter loves them and asked me to put them in her lunchbox so I put in a small handful.
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OP 😂 thanks for the idea. I did already eat half the packet lol
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My youngest has food allergies so he has to eat a packed lunch and his own recess and fruit break. I average a little over $7 per day. My oldest is in high school, I’d say it’s about $5 for him as sometimes he will just eat an apple. Sometimes he will eat from the canteen but he buys it with his own money.

No idea. My kids get 1 sandwich, 3 fruits, a vegie, and their drink bottle. Occasionally I buy them wrapped foods like corn thins, or crackers, or something. But I try not to. I also like to pop a bunch of popcorn at the start of the week for them if I get time.

People whose kids "won't eat" a perfectly good, nutritious and affordable lunch that mum has taken the time and effort to pack. Who's calling the shots in your family, the parents or the kids? The first time you agreed to buy them a nicer and more expensive lunch instead of the one you made, they won a little victory, and now they know they can do that every single day. Whether or not you can afford it is beside the point. You've let them manipulate you.

It's probably too late now, but children are actually happier, more settled and less entitled if they are given appropriate and firm boundaries right from when they are young. They need to understand that although you love them and want to make them happy, you are also in charge. You are an adult. You have more life experience, education and knowledge. You know better than they do what is best for them. It might be easier short term not having to fight those battles when they try and push the boundaries, but it's worse for them and worse for society long term.

OP Lol, a little off base on the question that was asked.
Iv raised two very great kids so far, and my boy and his little sister are turning out just as good, in spite of the fact he doesn’t like soggy sandwhichs and his mother made it so he doesn’t have soggy sandwhiches lol. I know I’m a horrible parent, I should have just said eat the wet bread kid.
Or I could have packed a sandwhiches with no nutrition, like he probably prefers but I have clear boundaries with food and no your not having a vegemite sandwhiches every day.
A similar comment to this was deleted by the mods.
Some people go looking for where they can say someone is being a shit parent - and then wanna make sure they know. The parent police on Instagram who pick out anything in a photo they can to say someone is doing it wrong.
You don’t affect me, but to a mum who’s having a shit day and questioning herself as a mother, and they read this, might just be a boot in the gut.
Before you speak, is it kind? is it nessisary?

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 My kids have Vegemite sandwiches everyday, they don't care, they eat well at home and for breakfast and they are in highschool so it's not effected them so far
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OP As I said I can handle it, it doesn’t affect me, but iv seen great , fantastic mother’s question if they are doing a good enough job, and I always wonder when I read comment like this , what if they were really having a shit day of it and they they read, f**k I can’t even get my kids lunch right that’s how crap I am.
Me? I’m a good mum.Self confidence has never been my downfall. I know my worth in all areas. My kids are loved, fed and clothed and always to the best of my ability, I screw up sometimes but always make it right, I’m the most forgetful mum, the sort that misses important shit at school, but by good graces the amazing mumS I do life with always text me basic school things so I don’t forget “hey, book week dress up today”
But I always think about people who might not know they are a good mum, cos there is a lot of them. Picking a question apart, not even answering said question, then telling them they’ve already stuffed up so deal with it, might make a shit day shittier.

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OP I was going to correct me self about the vegemite sandwhiches. For us personally it’s just a line we’ve drawn, and if I gave him a vegimite sandwhiches every day he would get even fussier (as iv said in another comment I myself even as an adult am extremely fussy. My mum said I grew up on vegimite sandwhiches and apples cos I wouldn’t eat anything. I still can’t stand textures and many tastes make me gag. And it gets worse the more I eat bland foods, so for my boy I have to be stricter than my other kids ever needed (who are all like their dads. And will eat ANYTHING)
So for him I won’t let him have a vegemite sandwhiches every day.

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 I don't think it's a great life lesson to be buying food every day, but each to their own.
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  wow. You are one of those people. The ones who "do life". Grow up. Life is luge. Nobody "does life".
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 ^of course nobody does life. Except me 😳
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 I have a agree with the Initial comment even if it is not what you are asking. I also read it very different to, it appeared balanced and questioning in a rational way, I do agree the more you give the more they take and a lunch is basic. Now I see what you are saying with your child, but a viewpoint back shouldnt be shut down and start bringing up comments about Instagram police. I think you are also a little guilty of jumping in
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 The mention that your hubby has a different view was also read by us, I think that doesn’t exactly make it off topic
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OP Agree to disagree then mentioning that society is worse off cos there are parents out there who don’t make their kids eat soggy sandwhiches seemed awfully pick apart type comment, assuming iv let my kids rule the roost cos I don’t force them to eat food they dislike or have gone off for the minute is also a far stretch from the question “how much do you spend on your child’s school lunch”

I equated it to insta gram because people post a cute pic of their kid doing something cool or video and you check the comment section and there is always people picking apart what a parent is doing wrong.
Unsolicited advice.

As I said, there just might have been a mum behind this question who was wondering if she was getting it all wrong and fu****g up mumming bad. Then to be told, I know you didn’t ask this but, you’ve let your kid minioulate you into feeding them (healthy) food they like. And that’s what’s going to hurt society....

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 It's kids lunch, it's not rocket science. There are lots of ways to send a healthy lunch without it going soggy. If you want to buy lunch every day there is nothing wrong with that. Honestly it's a bit of a pointless question to ask opinions then argue with anyone that has one, though I imagine that was the point of asking it.
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OP All I asked was how much do you spend.

As it was the money that was the subject of the issue not the food. If I was concerned about his food perhaps the rely would have suited a question like “how do I get my kid to eat the food I pack”
“My kid won’t eat their lunch,iv done X Y Z and they are still being picky what’s happened? ”

Instead the question was , how much money do you spend on school lunches?
Hubby and I disagree on the amount being spent.
After a general idea of if He might be right and it was way over what most spend.

Had nothing to do with what food it was, but when you see things through criticism glasses anything can be picked apart I suppose.

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 Again you read it very different to me, but I guess it’s because you wrote the question so obviously that makes sense. It’s just the way it is. I read the whole argument more objectively, but it’s ok, we are looking at it different I agree to agree to disagree
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 I agree with what the person wrote. My highschool son wants lunch orders everyday. No way. I have perfectly good healthy food in my house. If he’s too lazy to make himself a sandwich then he can starve. He eats well at breakfast and dinner but if he gets hungry during the day then that’s on him. He’s year nine and has only just started making himself something to take to school. I didn’t read all the nasty attacking posts. I’m just replying to the poster of this post.
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 Also I keep seeing responses that disagree with you or call you out and then the next day they've gone... which indicates you're reporting them... which indicates you can't stand hearing anything except people praising you and agreeing with you!
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OP Lol no I haven’t reported anything, that’s never once crossed my mind to report any comment.
However I would have assumed reporting only flags it? It doesn’t get it automatically removed surely? Otherwise we wouldn’t have the trolls?
No I made it very clear why I disagreed with them, it wasn’t even about me really it’s this general theme online where people try to pick apart someone’s parenting.
And I replied cos I thought the person wasn’t intentionally doing it, if I though they were I wouldn’t bother cos, they’re doing it to just stab. But it’s just dripping in anything online now, WHERE CaN I CRITICISE, and I just think We need start being better than that. Stop finding critic in every damn thing

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My child has tuckshop about twice a week and usually gets either a pie ($5.50) or a toasted sandwich ($6.00) The rest of the times it's usually a nutella sanga, popper, carrot, apple and some twiggy sticks

 Expensive tuckshop! Pies are $3.50 at my son’s school (Perth)
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OP Wow! That’s what I was thinking! Our pies at $3.60.
And sandwhiches (toasted or not) are 30/50 cents per thing you put on.

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 We live remotely so I guess it's lucky we even have the tuck shop service but agreed that I shouldn't be paying more for a pie at school than I do at a bakery
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$30 a week for fruit, bread, bars, crackers and everything

OP Is that for one kid? So that’s not too dissimilar
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In primary I let my kids order lunch from the canteen once a term. In highschool, never. The food is way to expensive. My kids make their own sandwiches. Meat and salad sandwich or wrap and a piece of fruit.

OP Looking at one of the other responses I wondering if our canteen is cheap comparatively
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 Our school doesn’t have a P&C so the canteen is run by an outside company so the prices are like what you’d pay at a cafe or deli. A salad roll is $7 compared to $3 at primary. A chocmilk is $4.50 compared to $2 in primary.
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OP 😮 yeah that’s really expensive!!!
I thought $3.80 was totally reasonable for a loaded salad sandwhich.
I remeber in high school I use to pack the ingredients and build my sandwhich at school for the same reason, I didn’t like them soggy lol.

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I have no idea. My kids get a sandwich, 2 fruit, veg and a baked snack.

OP I wish I was a baking mum lol
I literally can’t even bake packet mixes.
I’m great at cooking dinners though! Just can’t bake to save my life lol

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 I don’t bake but my hubby loves to. He bakes as a stress relief. That’s why they take baked snacks
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I would pay $20 a day if my kid would eat a salad sandwich!!

OP That was my argument to hubby!!
It costs me about $2 a day for the sandwhich if I do it myself. For him not to eat it cos no matter how many ways I tried , it was soggy by lunch from the tomato and beetroot. So really I was wasting the money.

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I would spend about $10 / week per child. They get a sandwich, a muesli bar, a packet of chips/crackers and 2 pieces of fruit/veggies. I spend $10 on the chips and muesli bars, another $10ish for sandwich and fillings and another $20 on fruit a fortnight for two children. Sandwiches are jam, peanut butter or ham/salami and cheese. Sometimes I will get those cheese and bacon rolls if they are on special and sometimes I throw in a yoghurt or twiggy sticks or something I've made. Depends on weather and what they are eating at the time :P I would do tuckshop maybe once or twice a term as it costs me $10 for the pair and I still pack fruit when I do. It's not budget friendly for us :/ although I do love just writing on a paper bag and being done with it lol

OP I am kinda loving the fuss free convenience of it 🙈
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My kids get a sandwich, fruit, and two snacks.. I just buy cheap muesli bars and sometimes bulk box of mini biccies or chips.

OP I was thinking of getting the cheaper Muslie bars to save some cost 🤔
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My son (year 9) is exactly the same. He won’t eat a packed lunch but will eat from the canteen every day.
It’s expensive (up to $40 per week) but atleast I know he’s eating during the day. (Recess and lunch)
His canteen also do amazing food. Focaccias, baked potatoes, toasted sandwiches, etc

OP Our canteen is pretty awesome too, they do sushi and soups and smoothies and “niceblocks” he gets treats on Friday from it. I was really impressed with the school for that :)
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I think what your doing is fair. The child i have at primary school has a canteen order everyday. I do this because she always eats it all (when ive packed, it often came back untouched). Also the food is really healthy, and its nice and fresh for her. Personally id hate a packed lunch myself, especially when its been sitting in a bag for hours. Also it makes our mornings smoother, each week i spend about $20-$25 at the canteen and i pack fruit, rice crackers (or similar), carrot, plain milk and i usually slip in a treat, usually a cupcake or something ive made on the weekend, for recess.... Sometimes she will have something left (like the carrot) and eat it on the walk home.

OP Haha me too I HATE packed lunches. I gues that’s why I’m sympathising with the kid 🤷🏼‍♀️
And yes our canteen has great healthy options

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Blot the tomato between paper towel to remove the seeds and the sogginess. My kids lunches would be about $3 each a day I reckon... sandwich, fruit, cheese and crackers, biscuit snack/rice crackers and a homemade muffin.

Each and every budgeting guide out there will say straight up that buying lunch every day is a huge waste of money. But if you have the money, and your kid is eating 🤷‍♀️ that's your business

OP Iv done that it still goes soggy, iv put cheese between the bread iv done everything lol.
If I compromise on the mueslis bars I think i can get it to $4.50 a day.
He goes to private school, but hubby is starting a new business so he’s freaking out about all the little $$$ while I’m not too fussed as I know I can cover 90% of our our bills. Our weekly shop is around $80-$100 so I feel it’s only an extra $10 a week from what I’d spend anyways $5 if I get rid of the healthy bars.

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No idea how much a packed lunch costs me but we do a lunch order on Friday and that's about $6 for a sushi roll and flavoured milk or ice cream.
Why not let him buy his roll and take an apple and muesli bar from home. Just buy the same ones he buys from school.

OP Oh no sorry the bars are from the shops. I pack an apple and one of those bars or hummus and crackers for morning tea with an apple. Only the sandwhich comes from tuckshop.
I just though $7 a day was fairly reasonable all Brit it on the high side of reasonable because of the mueslis bars. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to use cheaper bars it would save a lot if I get the $3 box ones instead of the individual bars protein balls.

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