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What is the creepiest thing you've ever seen your child do?


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My kid actually ate what I cooked for dinner the other night. I’m still thinking about it.

My daughter got really sick as a baby and ended up in a major hospital 5 hrs away which happened to be the one my niece passed away in a few years earlier, as she was recovering in ICU she kept staring at spots on the wall and saying the family nickname for a cousin she never met!
This continued after we returned home and I have a number of photos of her at the time with an 'orb' in them and also once we came home a few of her toys (electronic keyboards, etc) would start playing in her room when no one was in there, even one with no batteries! I believe she looked after my little girl and was the reason she pulled through! Was quite a sceptical person before that.

When my daughter was about 2 she had a necklace caught in her hair. I took a look and it was in there really good so I told her to hold on a minute as I was feeding the baby. She walked back into the room a few minutes later and I said I'd get the necklace out for her now. She said "it's ok, Grandma already did it" to which I looked over and saw the necklace was out of her hair.
She started talking to "Grandma" when we moved into that rental and we never of "Grandma" again once we moved out.

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I can’t help but still be skeptical. There are a million things I’ve spoken to my mum about in front of the kids and my son a week or month later is able to repeat something. Incredible memory.. but nothing he hasn’t heard me speak of in front of him. I reckon these stories someone would have said something in front of them

 I used to be a major skeptic. Complete science "believer". If you couldn't prove it then I wouldn't believe it. Then I went to Port Arthur in Tasmania. I still want to be a skeptic, I don't like things I can't explain, but after going there I know there is something more going on and science just has to find a way to prove it.
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When dd was 2 her dog killed her pet chicken and she was the one that found it. I heard her talking so I look up to see her pick up said chicken, walk over and throw it in the bin. Ever so calmly. And said "chicky dead, in bin. Bye, bye" Then went and played like nothing had happened. Had never seen anything that was dead up until this point and how calm she remained was a little unsettling. I think I'm raising a serial killer haha. She did cry when her bunny died about 2 months ago, so at least there's that...

My 3 year said "nanas mummy was in my dream last night mummy. She told me to tell you that"

Now I'll try to sum up the connection,
My nan (mums mum) died when I was 14 months old. Mum and her were so close as are my mum and I. She always said it saddens her we didn't get to have a relationship.
Well I had a recurring dream until I was 22, not frequent but reoccurring I was in her house listening to stories and watching her paint on occasion my brother would be in the dream. It was very real with nothing out of place except that outside the room was unending darkness.
I brought it up once and my brother (who I was all but estranged from) both got to talking at this Christmas and somehow it came up. Well nana had been in his reoccurring dream for years to, and I occasionally made an appearance. When he described the dream I was in it was identical to the ones I had with him.
Mum started crying then I drew a layout of the room we were always in and I drew it piece by piece accurately . This was a house there are no photos of and I even as a baby was never in. It was nanas old house that she loved the most and lost in the war.
After that conversation I never had a dream again and still haven't to this day...

Turns out she's found a way into my daughters dreams (9 years after that conversation and probably about 10 years since my last dream)

 Wow! That's freaky
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I cut my foot and my 6 year old said excitedly "ooh is there blood can i see can i see

 My dog had puppies and 1 of them didn't make it and my stepson, who was 5 at the time, asked if we could cut the dead ones brain out... He has stopped talking like that since his mother stopped taking him (was meant to have him every other weekend but she just stopped turning up and changed her number so we can't contact her) but it had me really concerned about what the hell she had him doing while he was there.
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My 3 year old told me her birth story, which she had never heard before.
Told me that there was a lot of blood everywhere so she woke mummy up and came out early.
I had placental abruption, woke up to blood absolutely everywhere, 5 weeks early.

My son would say Jenny is licking his face when he was two and he would giggle. Jenny was my husbands dog who died many years before