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How do I leave my husband when I have no money to leave?


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I recently left my partner without any money. I actually left him with the money in my purse. (He gave it to me a few days before) he wasnt home the night before so i managed to organisewith family to stay. I packed everything in plastic bags amd when he walked in i had the kids ready took the keys off him packed the car and drove off that was a few months ago and with the help of family centerlink and other support me and my kids are in a nice house. I was lucky he gave me all the household items. It has been hard but you will be amazed on how much you can do and how strong you can be and the stronger you get.

 I am glad it worked out for you. But believe it or not, when I tried doing the exact thing many years ago, my brother in law stepped in and didn't allow it - saying maybe we should "see it through a bit longer". I hate him for that.
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The day you leave clear out the back account, and sell all you can at cash converters.

you can be separated under one roof and get payments from centrelink if need be. its a bit of paperwork but worth it if you need to get some money. theyll back pay from the date of claim too. hope it works out for you x

If you are a single parent centre link will support you and he will be told to pay child support. If you are not being abused talk to him about this and perhaps you can work out an amicable arrangement for your children so he can see them and he can continue to provide some financial support. You should be eligible for a home through housing trust. Australia has one of the best systems for non working people, you won't be left in the cold. I left my ex husband when my boy was 6 months. We didn't love each other and it had been apparent for sometime, having my son was almost like a band aid, but it fell off very quickly once I settled into motherhood I got stronger.

Confide in your friends. Your friends could help you with some temporary accommodation and maybe some assistance. Your happiness is the most important thing, and to stay with someone just because he has all the money, is just going to make you more UNhappy. Start saving whatever you can and let a close friend know what you are doing. Don't do this alone!

Lucky you guys that have parents and family and friends that can help..I have no one and have 5 kids including a one has ever he l.p.some i have no support...feel so alone....feel like he hates me

 I am sorry to read this. I also have 5 children, my youngest is six months. Have you been able to get on the phone to Centrelink?
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 Why did you have a newborn with a loser or more than 2 kids
Sorry no sympathy from me

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Speak to your husband. If it's not an abusive relationship it's unfair on him to stay just for the money.
I've just been through this. I've been feeling stuck and unable to leavr for years. I finally sat him down and had a conversation witj him about how I felt . He has helped me to leave financially and continues to support me.

If it is abusive, take the kids and GO! If not, try talking about it- even with a mediator.

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 Yes, worst answer. Most people in abusive relationships are not dealing with reasonable human beings.
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I know someone who cleared the bank account and sold all she could to leave. She needed cash to escape.

 I could imagine my husband after selling everything! Don't even want to actually. And clearing the bank account? What bank account.:(
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 She got enough to get started. She told her husband that was her settlement he could keep everything else.
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 What could she sell that was enough to leave? After 25 yrs with my husband, nothing is mine, it is ours. Well actually, his. I know what would happen if I just started selling off the telly....and clearing the bank account? Another mystery to me.🙁
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 She sold all she could and cleared the bank account the day she left.
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 She sold her jewelry, the tv, lawn mower and a few other items I can't remember. She sold some of his things too.
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I've contacted at least 5 different crisis centres/ people that are meant to help and theyvr basically all told me they cant help because he doesn't hit me, because you can't see verbal/emotional/mental abuse. He occasionally uses drugs which i also mentioned but it didnt change anything. I'm 23 and have a 9month old daughter and i try to leave but he is controlling so does stuff like take the car keys and hides em so i cant leave and threatens to keep/have my baby taken from me, he's managed to isolate me from all relationships/ friendships i previously held so i have noone to help me and nowhere to go... i feel hopeless and trapped...

 You are so right. You can't see verbal, emotional or mental abuse but it is almost worse than physical abuse. Do you have any family or friends around where you live or who can help hide you away until you can get to family and friends? You said he has isolated you from your relationships, which is what abusers do, but you might be surprised who will step up to help you if you reach out to them and tell them what is going on. Does he work or leave the house for several hours so you would have a chance to leave? Can you contact Centrelink and start the process of applying for single parenting payment if you do leave?
It took me a couple of years to finally leave my ex with two toddlers. I packed a bag which I hid and took just the basics like mine and the kids' birth certificates, any id, important documents I would need etc. I left with two changes of clothes for myself and a suitcase for the kids. If you decide to leave you can ask the police to be present.

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 (CONT). I would even suggest contacting a lawyer regarding child custody just so you know where you stand. You should be able to take your baby with you especially if you are breastfeeding however you might not get full custody and might have to go to court. I know it is hard but make a safety plan for you and your child, if you can save any money it would be helpful. Plan, pack, and leave when you can. Reach out to your friends and family and ask for help. You will be surprised who you have to help you if you ask. Good luck.
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My husband been mental abusing for years, and lieing to me I have no money saved how can i leave him

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Just found out my husband is cheating. What now??

 Tell him you want a divorce
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How do you get away?

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I googled it ... honestly ... it sounds make-believe but, I googled it. The internet search in my phone, which could be deleted from my history, gave me a step-by-step guide. Accounts, money, kids, government assistance, housing, furniture, support groups and even ideas on how to leave (peaceful or forcefully).
I know that you feel alone but I was so shocked and pleased to get so much support from places and people I didn't expect. From friends and family to centrelink, the police even your gp or hospital.
There is so much help out there.
Ask for help!
You r not alone, you are loved, you are beautiful.