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How do you manage your weight long term?

Daily exercise? Calorie counting? I’m not talking about dieting, I’m just talking about managing/maintaining your regular weight?


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Move more than I eat. Everything in moderation. Throw away the scales and judge your weight by your clothing. If the waist is getting tight I cut down on the shit food. Same weight for 3 decades.

 I do this too!!
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I was always biggish then I got hurt and had to be in bed for an extended amount of time and absolutely stacked it on. As in I put on 40 kilos in 6 months except my muscle turned to fat so even when I lost weight I was still bigger as muscle weighs more than fat and I used to have super muscley legs. I guess I didn't adjust my calorie needs to my new bedridden routine. Once you hit a certain weight it pretty much just gets worse and worse as everything becomes harder and you start hurting yourself. I was still eating the same amount for a person that worked a 40 hour week on their feet while in bed high as a kite on painkillers eating everything in sight because I was bored. So I got lapband and Plication. I lost 45 kilos in the prediet from low carb/high protein diet and a boatload of exercise. I decided to get it as I was so worried the rest of my life would be a battle of counting calories even if I did lose this. As an ADHD I lack self control and I basically graze like a cow. I eat relatively good but I eat too much because of my picking. Or as I call it "a little nosh here. A little nosh there". Plus I had a problem with grabbing "just one piece of toast" many times a day. Me I now know that I cannot live on a diet high in carbs. I am too efficient with them.
Anyway I've lost 92 kilos.
I've now tailored my exercise program to cope with my lack of concentration by doing short high intensity exercises, wearing a slightly weighted back pack and I play video games while walking on my treadmill or using a seated exercise bike. Also PS4 VR fruit ninja is an amazing arm work out. I also have light weights I strap on. I don't drive the kids to and from school instead I walk. It's 1.2 kilometres each way but it's a nice walk.

I ride my bike for an 1 and a half 3 times a week.
And always take the stairs.

I have taught myself to eat only when I’m hungry - then I eat what I feel like but stop before feeling quite full. So sometimes I’ll eat a big lunch and then not feel like eating much for the rest of the day. I don’t categorise individual foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ so I tend to listen to my body and follow my instinct - if I feel like a donut and I’m hungry, I’ll eat it, if I feel like a carrot and I’m hungry, I’ll eat that. It’s intuitive eating and I really think it works.

 Sounds like you read the book “ if not dieting then what” I am reading and it is all about learning to eat like this!
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 OOOOoooo im gonna get that book
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Eat 800 calories only per day twice per week.

 Yeah i was doing things like that but it's not sustainable eventually you just f**k it this is a shit way to live life.
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Make better choices, replace takeout with healthy home cooked meals. Portion control. But I'm still not great at these things

I’m struggling as I get older which sucks cos as a young person teen and young adult I could eat junk and not put on an ounce (yeah probably annoying to most) but now I’ve had kids everything I eat sticks so I’ve tried dieting to not much avail. I’d be interested to see how people keep their weight in check without a lot of dieting.
Healthy eating and a bit of exercise isn’t working!

I don't do anything special, just try to eat reasonably healthy and move around. I hardly ever even weigh myself. I've never struggled with weight issues though.

I eat when hungry and eat healthy 90% of the time. Lots of fruit, veg and salads. I walk the kids to school go for walks durning the day. Ride my bike on the weekend and I enjoy going to the gym 2 times a week.

I look at the fat school mums and it inspires me.

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