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I'm wanting to know if I;m the only one who doesn't want to have sex with there husband. If so what have you done about it?, I don't know what to do or if I should see someone about it, please help.


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I don't ever "feel like it", but I try to make sure I have sex with my husband once a week. I think just because I don't want it ever, he shouldn't miss out all together. If it was up to him, we'd do it every day, so I feel like this is meeting in the middle. I don't tell him him that I'm never in the mood and would be happy to never have sex again, because I'm sure that would be a big turn off, and he wouldn't be happy just having sex "to get it over with". I pretend I'm into it and by the end I usually am (hubby does try very hard and always wants me to
Cum before he does, so that helps). Maybe fake it until you make it? Lots of lube helps!

 Meet in the middle - Once a week. Poor old hubby Blue Balls.

Maths not your strong point.

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 Once a week is a f**k load more than never. Don't think maths is your strong point either love. Hubbys balls aren't blue, he loves a good wank in the shower every morning, and I'm happy for him to do it, even bought him a pocket pussy as a pressie.
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 This is what I do when I just don't feel like it. Everyday for the last 3.5 years I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding so always being touched. By the time we get into bed I don't want to be touched. Hubby is amazing and understands but I know if he could we'd have sex everyday so I try and do it twice a week, and am more then happy for him to have a wank whenever he wants to relieve himself.
I like sex when we have it but I don't ever feel like it.

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 Poor WankBoyBluey. Bought him a pocket pussy! Bet you actually think that makes you a great wife.
My hubby would never put up with that sort of behaviour. Makes me horny just thinking of the respect I have for him.
You should ask him what he dreams of in the shower while milking himself.
Hint: It's not you.

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 Sounds like you two are a good match for each other then. I am a great wife- sex isn't the only measure of that.
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 Pretty sure you having sex with him whenever he likes doesn't say much about your level of respect as it does your willingness to obey. Do you think your husband fantasises over you? The same old side dish he can have any old time he wants, and doesn't have to put effort into, because you do as your told? Sounds pretty un exciting to me.
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 OMG! The divorced prude sisters ride in to attack me for showing some femininity.
You are the unexciting boring ones. Your way of thinking is old news now. Embrace the new program and enjoy. #NEWFEM.

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 Oh, so you can "ride in" and attack someone for the way they negotiate their relationship, but no-one can say anything about you? 😂😂 Poor Diddums! You'd be surprised what someone will "put up with" when they really love and respect you. Oh and your #NEWFEM sounds like it was recycled from the 1950's 😂 TBH you sound like some little twit whose never had kids, or a real long term relationship and has read fifty shades of grey one too many times 😂😂😂😂. Enjoy doing as your told for your "Hubby" who you have so much respect for. Can't say respect for my Husband has ever made me horny 😂 He has plenty of other qualities that do that!
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 Im a different person.
I love sex. Id have it everyday if we could but husband is a twice a weeker person these days. I honestly could not live in a sexless marriage.
Yeah you need a lot more to maintain a relationship. We are best friends but thr part that brings us from being best friends to husband and wife is sex.

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I am in the same boat. I am a Mum of 4 constantly busy busy and running around and tired. He doesnt help with anything to do with the house or kids.
He works shift work. We have become ships that pass in the night. So we have become distant. So no sex. I am way too scared to fall pregnant again even with contraception. I know mentally I wouldnt be able to cope. I have never enjoyed sex with him so it is easier to just not partake or encourage him. We have lived in a sexless marriage for 10 years.

 I’m not being nasty and I hope this doesn’t sound horrible. But I feel for you :( it’s nice to feel close and have someone to touch.. and love (and I mean touch in a normal way) I guess not everyone needs this, but when I have issues with my partner I actually end up missing him. So I can’t imagine how it feels to not enjoy having sex.. and having someone close in your life
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 They do say a man doing housework is the best foreplay
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 Yes so true!
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I didnt feel like sex when breastfeeding - its the hormones. once i stopped feeding I was interested again. Are you pg or bf?

HAHA I am single and feel that way so I think I am the most abnormal. Been single for so long, and just tired of random hook ups etc. and then longer time passed, I realise I don't feel desperate for it. Occasionally can look after myself, but yeah it's certainly not on my mind constantly. I'm now so scared of dating / relationships etc. as I feel as though it will most likely start off great, but end up with me feeling this way and feeling 'obligated' then I feel like...why bother? But desperately want to be a Mum and have a family / companion etc.

I would be happy to never have sex again. I see it as a chore. As soon as he climaxes it is all over so I just concentrate on getting him off. It is has been months since I have climaxed and I am at the stage where I don't care.

I’m in the same boat. We have sex once a month at most and when we do it I just want it over with. We have definitely lost our spark. And I never ever feel sexy. Husband never tells me or Shows me he thinks I am either.

In saying that, every other part of our marriage is fine. But my post kid self feels, well asexual. I absolutely hate having m breasts touched, have husband touch me down there. I’ve talked to hubby, I’m very open about it all. But I don’t know what to do, he does t know what to do so we do nothing.

Probably a good idea to see your doctor. Hormonal contraceptives can reduce your sex drive, and it can get progressively worse over time.