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Lunch boxes for Kindy

My daughter (4) is starting kindy next year and in her enrolement pack it says to have 2 separate lunchboxes. 1 for morning tea and 1 for lunch. What are your recommendation to use. Oh and they like litter free lunchboxs when possible.


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I use nude food containers- whatever you get make sure your daughter can open and close on her own.

We do a piece of fruit for morning tea, 2 pieces of fruit or another piece of fruit and a salad and a sandwich for lunch. And a snack size portion of dried fruit just in case she's still hungry. We also use nudie containers. We got a multipack from big w for $16.

Teacher here also....I sent my daughter to school with 2 sandwich containers from Kmart or Woolworths
1 had her sandwich and
1 had cut up fruit in it with an additional snack: homemade slice/ biscuits, cheese and cabana or homemade mini muffins.

Her Kinder lunchbox rules were that morning tea had to be 1 serve of fruit and 1 other item and lunch was 1 serve of fruit and a sandwich.

When packing larger fruit I put in a separate one if required. It basically has taught my daughter that she can't eat everything at morning tea. And she knew that there was 1 container for each meal. Silicone cups were useful for separating things like cabana and cheese (I got these from woollies too during their back to school promotion time) this also cuts down on the need for plastic snap lock bags and glad wrap.

As the other teacher mentioned spend time with your daughter before school goes back to see if she can undo them.

Drink bottles are tricky too. My daughter used a Nike one with a no leak valve (They are only allowed to take water).

Kindy teacher here- any sort of Tupperware//plastic ware, just practice opening it so she can do it on her own. I would LOVE to have rubbish free at my kindy but I'm fighting a losing battle there. Not just about opening packages but about the amount of rubbish we actually manage to make at kindy!!! I know as a parent I think carefully about what I'm buying or make my own versions or divide the big packs which is cheaper.

They just don't wish to spend their own eating time opening pesky packets. As long as your kiddo can open lunch boxes and containers you will be fine