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Pregnancy diet

Hi, I know the general rules about heavy metal fish, soft cheese, deli meats etc but need some ideas on what I can take to work for lunch/dinner (shift worker). Only have 30mins at work, obviously I can't cook there. With staying within the pregnancy diet rules what can I take? Also are you allowed to reheat meals? Can I cook, freeze in bulk, reheat and eat? Any dieticians here? TIA


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OP, it’s really not that difficult or different from your normal diet. Just be sensible. Wash fruit/veg thoroughly, have your meat well cooked and only eat leftovers that are steaming hot. Just use common sense!!!!

 I agree with the above poster. It's not complex, for the most part you can stick to your normal diet (obviously avoiding undercooked meat, soft cheese, high mercury foods etc).
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Easy sandwiches like nut butter, sliced cheese/vegemite etc. fruit, chopped up veggies, nut bars, low sugar muesli bars (Carmans fruit free muesli bars are good ones).

 ^Yep, the above sorts of things would be easy for a shift worker. As would leftovers heated up. There are lots of options.

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You can re heat meals just be sure they are piping hot. I was a Shift worker when pregnant and had 30 minutes meal breaks also and I just took meals I made at home and reheated. No worries 🙂 (ignore the troll, clearly jealous)

 OP here. Thanks for your advice. And extra thanks for ignoring the troll comment, why do they bother? And this is what a forum is about so ppl can ask questions!!
Anyway, I was just thinking I can't even have a ham and cheese sandwich or toastie! Do you have any go-to meal ideas besides leftovers?
Thanks xx

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 You can have toasties. Ur heating up the ham it will be fine. No diff to you having it on pizza. Even some seafood you can have. Tuna sandwiches just don’t overdo it
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OP here. Thanks for all suggestions!
Also thanks to the Mods for deleting the trolls nasty comments

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Vegetable soup, pumpkin soup, pasta dishes and lasagne just hot. Curries. Salads.

I fricken ate everything
Just from reputable places
I have three kids and with each i ate everything except energy drinks.. put a hold on that

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Can you cook, freeze, defrost and reheat?

 Can you eat sun-dried tomatoes, olives etc from deli?
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 Yes yes and yes. Just zap for an extra minute than usual if using the microwave. And don’t be afraid of the deli. Just ask if it’s fresh and not sitting there for a few days. You can even eat deli meats if you want just get them to cut some fresh for you not the stuff that’s already been pre cut and sitting there
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Have some dry biscuits on hand too. Sometimes you just have to eat .... Like RIGHT NOW !

I used to get the shakes and go from nothing to absolutely ravenous, in seconds.

spinach, capsicum, cheese toasties

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I'm pregnant too and loving veggie soup. I make a big pot of it. Then freeze into portions (I use zip lock bags) then defrost and heat. Super easy and stays really yummy.

I had GD so had to eat really good, but if i took leftovers they had to be hot hot (and i hate hot hot food) and salads or smoothies were good too

 How much did you wash the salad/fruit? And did you peel everything? Thanks
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 Stick ur fruit in a bowl of water with a bit of apple cider vinegar and give it a wash. It will be fine no need to peel
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