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Is your sister awesome or awful?

I’ve always felt rejected by my sister. As a kid she ignored me unless she wanted something and as an adult she only uses me for favours(mostly babysitting if she can’t get anyone else.) It makes me feel like shit and I can’t help but wish things were better. I’d love a sister who would be my bestie. What are other people’s relationships like with their sisters?


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Mine is 10 years older than me so we never had any sibling rivalry or competition, our biggest issue ever was me wanting to go in her room and touch all her stuff when I was little or go with her to hang out with her teenage friends lol when I was teenager I could babysit her kids and then when I had mine hers were grown, so she loves babysitting mine.
We are very close. We've both had huge ups and downs in our life, we've both had every thing and nothing and back again and she's the one person that I can always lean on and vice versa.

Awful awful awful. Selfish, manipulative, lazy, user.

One is my like another best friend, the other I can tolerate in small doses

my sister and I have a weird relationship, we can talk to each other for hours about the small stuff and anything that's going on in her world but whenever I have anything serious to discuss thats not about her she is simply never there. I've tried talking to her about it but it gets nowhere so now I just don't tell her anything important. I'll always talk to her but I really am done trying

She is weird. She is so competitive, I can't have anything just for me, she has to take everything and make it about her. I can live with being upstaged but she is so awful about it I have had to move away to escape her. I can understand as we are twins she wants to feel like her own person, but her behavior is ridiculous. My family has never had a celebration for me, she doesn't like sharing so we have to have separate parties, then she manages to get my party cancelled. She once set fire to the pergola so I didn't have a 21st.

I miss my sister so much. She moved 12 hours away, is in an incredibly abusive relationship and can't see it, and any time she does manage to get out, she ends up going back simply because she doesn't want to come home because she's scared we will see her as a "failure." Could not be any more wrong. We all miss her incredibly and wish like crazy that she would just come home where she will be safe. She was my best friend and, because of her stupid boyfriend, we have slowly drifted apart and it breaks my heart. Every time i try to ring her hes always in the background listening, telling her what she can and can't say and purposefully starting arguments so she will hang up 😭💔

 So sad for your family. Hope for her and ur sake she soon sees the truth and finds a way out
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I have 3 sisters and they are ok. They are much older than I am so we aren’t that close and we live a long way from each other. I love them but we aren’t best friends.

I have 5 sisters and we kind of balance each other out

My sister is awful too. She only rings me when she has something going on good in her life to get praise from me and says I knew you were going to be happy for me. She doesn't give a shit about my life. She is a very selfish, self centered, jealous sister.

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Loves to brag about all the good in her life but doesn’t want to hear about my good stuff. I told her I’m going on an overseas holiday. She changed the subject. Wouldn’t even acknowledge what I said. I have a family group chat and if someone shares good news she won’t respond.

 That sounds like my whole family. Lucky it's only one of yours. Shame we ain't sisters hey 😉
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 That is my sister too! And if your showing her something new she has something bad about it to say. And she will have the shits the whole time she is there.
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Awful. Doesn’t have kids and doesn’t even try with her niece and nephew.

 Invite her to pop over
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