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Is there a significant age difference between you and your partner?


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I am 28 and He's 44

 Same here but he's 43
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 16 years here, I'm 30 and he's 46
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I think once you're 18+ it doesn't matter the age Gap..but my husband put it we'll the other day, he's 6 yrs older than me I was 19 he was just on 25, not that big of a gap..but he was like, it wasn't bad when we met and didn't matter but if we were both any younger it'd be seen as creepy (like me in school still and him being that much older). Once you're an adult do what you want just be smart about who it is.

 I agree - once you are an adult it doesn't matter as you both have the mental and emotional capacity for a relationship. My husband and I met when I was 21 and he was 28. Didn't seem like that big of a deal. It is a bit funny when we talk about how old we were in certain years eg when I was 12 he was getting married for the first time ๐Ÿ˜‹ but we have always agreed it would have been way too weird if we'd met any younger.
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 Yeah when my ex and I broke up he was 26 and started dating a 17 year old. Who I later found out had a mental condition and was basically on the same maturity level as a 9 year old. It was weird. Like someone else stated, he liked it because she was easy to manipulate and control and he cheated on her so many times, even fathered another child while they were together and ended up beating her up because she smoked his last cigarette out of his packet. That was when her family finally stepped in and got her away from him. I know her mum personally and I told her to get her away from him as soon as they started dating, but no. I was just the "crazy ex" who "made up" the abuse stories ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ
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When I was 16 I was with a man 9 years older. That lasted 5years but now I'm married to a man who is a sensible 3 years older โค๏ธ

 Does it gives you the creeps in retrospect that a 25 year old was interested in a 16 year old? I ask because I was also in a relationship at the same age with same age difference and it makes me sick now. ๐Ÿคข
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 I was 15 with a 28 year old bloke, together 5 years, had a baby, broke up after 5 months. Now i look back i am kinda grossed out.
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 Im actually relieved to see these comments as i thought i was the only one who had a experience similar to those above. Iโ€™ll be interested to see how many more people put their hand up.
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 I'm the first responder of this thread. My son is 25 now and sometimes I want to ask him if he could see himself with a 16 year old. I don't ask in the end because he might give me an answer that I don't want to hear. I'm just glad his gf is 2years older than him. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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 I went to school with a girl who was with a bloke 9 years older. We were all creeped out as to why he wasn't with someone his own age. She loved it though, because he had a full-time job, paid for things, drove etc. Yet he would come to our school parties and stuff and it was just so fu****g weird

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 I wonder if you went to school with me lol
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 Is your name Trish?
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 My brother in law always goes out with younger girls because they are easier to control and manipulate. When he was 31 he was with 17yo school girl. He's a pig
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 I went out with a 35 year old when I was 18.. I never thought that was weird in any way
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Iโ€™m 25 and heโ€™s almost 24 So no major difference in age here.

My ex was 21 years older than me and we were together three years. We broke up because he was a cheater, not because he was old lol.

I am 21 and heโ€™s 40

 Nothing wrong with that if he treats you well and loves you
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I am 35 and heโ€™s 24
Been together for 5 years
We have a 4 week old baby

 Congrats on the baby and kudos to you on the young man ๐Ÿ˜˜
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14 year gap. Didnt seem much at the start, but 12 years on it is noticable.

I am 1 day older. I know, Such a cradle snatcher

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No but he likes to pretend there is because I'm 6 months older, which has us "born in different decades." Sometimes I think he's frozen at 15 ๐Ÿ™„

Once they're both of at least legal age then it shouldn't really matter. They're both old enough to make grown up decisions

Hubby is 8 years older

 Same here!
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