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Chemical Peel

Answered 1 year ago

So i had the elaine brennan micro peel on midday thirsday in brisbane. Ive only just started flaking on my chin and side of nose
My whole face feels like there is a thin coating on it and its really annoying me. That tight dry feeling! When will i actually peel and be normal again

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1 year ago
I've had green peels before. The tight feeling is your skin getting ready to peel. Do not peel it yourself or use any product on it unless directed by the clinic. It will be tight, annoying and possibly a little itchy.

Everyone is different but you should be peeling by day 5. Do you have to go back? They should have given you clear instructions on what to expect, timing and post peel care.

1 year ago
Sounds like you need to moisturize