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What do you do with your partner?

Answered 5 months ago

My husband and I have been together for 20 years. We are boring and don’t do anything together except watch tv.
My husband seems to only interact with me or the kids if it’s something he likes to do. Eg cooks with the kids, video games etc. however will not initiate any activity the kids or I like to do. He will begrudgingly join in if guilted into playing but rushes off as soon as he can. (To do his own thing)

Am I just being a whinger? Is that normal?
He is very happy to be in his own, probably prefers it. We have talked about this many times. It he just doesn’t seem interested or keen

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5 months ago
I think it’s pretty normal after being together for years, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way though. What sort of things did you do when you first met? Maybe try and find some new activities you can do together. Even if the day to day is a bit hum drum, make a point of getting out once every couple of months. Take the kids if you need to (don’t know how old your kids are) and do a family activity one weekend.
I hardly do anything with my husband, we even watch tv in separate rooms most nights. But we do plan activities together and go out and do things whenever we can. For eg. The circus is in town next week so we’re planning to take the kids for an afternoon out.

5 months ago
My partner is the same. it’s gotten to a point where he always says no to joining in and I stopped asking... it breaks my heart because my kids always encourages him to join us but he’d rather play games all night till he has to get rest for work. Sometimes I think he doesn’t want to be around me?