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How do i deal with a trust issue
my cousin borrowed $4500 from my mum and dad and he wont pay them back cause he is broke and my parents are gutless to say they want money back
i need renovations and cousin said he can do it and wants the $10k upfront
i think he will do a dash like he did with my parents


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Tell him you're not mixing family with business. You want someone who you can freely hate when they walk muddy boots into your house/teach your spawn a swear word/c**k it up and need to come back out to fix it. You need a licensed and fully insured contractor. Tell him you've already got someone in mind.
As for your parents money, that's not your problem to solve unless they explicitly ask you to. Maybe they don't want the money back. I'd never loan my nieces money, they're family, they can keep it (on the condition that they spend it wisely and don't ask me for money again).

 He is A builder
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 Okay so that just means you tell him you've already got someone else in mind. My answer remains the same except for the line about a qualified and fully insured contractor. Grow a back bone and tell him no. Even if you just say "no. We don't want you doing the renos thanks anyway". No can be a complete sentence.
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He sounds dodgy. If you want to get nothing for your $10k, give him the money.

You should never do business with family or friends. It's just not a good idea.
It's up to your parents to ask for their money back. It's really not your business.

If it's for real, tell him you will pay materials as he goes but the rest he will not get until the job has finished. And pay your mum and dad.

 Cousin owes my mum and dad money
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 I meant instead of paying your cousin at the end pay your mum and dad
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