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What age do u tell and how do u tell the big secret without destroying xmas and their trust in you?


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My children believe that Father Christmas brings presents to celebrate Jesus's birthday. It IS Jesus's birthday but we are the ones giving our children presents. At least once the fairy tale is over they still have the history to celebrate.

 They kind of figure out who bought all that stuff when they discover Santa isn't real. So don't worry, I don't think it's a case of they'll never know. They know who put the effort in.

I know it was my mother because dad, while around, pretty much ignored me because I was a girl. DB got stuff from him, though. Kids understand a lot more than are given credit for.

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My kids worked it out when they were 4 and 6. The conversation I overheard was hilarious.

I also just found a book called ‘love, Santa’ google it it sounds perfect for me,
I am going to make a photo book of all of their Christmas mornings and photos of them seeing Santa at the shops, posting their letters etc

I feel teary thinking about it but I think it’s a nice way to do it

My kids always thought Santa was a dude in stories and part of the Christmas thing but mum actually buys the gifts. I worked too hard to pay for things to give credit to a fake guy.

 I actually understand this, as a single mum whos childs father never financially contributed to xmas ever I hate that my child will think both parents paid when only I did. BuT as much as it annoys me when the time comes I dont think ill make a big deal of it. Kids happiness is worth more than how i feel. But i get where ur coming from. We sacrifice and go with out so much for our kids and they will never know.
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 ^^my mother who had minimal child support from my dead beat father went without meals to feed us, clothe us, allow us to have extra curricular activities and give us a normal childhood. As kid we had no clue. We only found out recently what she sacrificed. She did it out of pure love and selflessness. She didn’t ask for thanks.
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I think there’s a book about it, sorry I can’t remember details but it talks about everyone being a Santa. That’s really vague, sorry. Google might help.

 Sorry just looked it up (should have done before my first comment 😂) the big secret: the whole and honest truth about Santa clause. As for what age, it’s up to you. Personally I’ve never told my kids Santa is real, we talk about Santa as a fictional character
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Im more worried about the breach in trust part. How do I tell my special needs child the truth?

 I'd go along the lines of Santa isn't a person, it's an idea, a feeling of joy and happiness with a bit of magic. Once you know the secret, it's your job to keep that feeling going for believers. Try to change from the joy of receiving to the joy of giving.
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 Thank you so much OP here added that comment after thinking it added more info. Certainly hard to know when the right time is.
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 That each person's mum /dad/carer is entrusted wit Santa's role on Christmas Eve
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My kids are 5 and 3. I never told them Santa is real. I tell them he is a character from a story.

I’m 37 and never told santa wasn’t real. I still get a santa sack evey year 😆

My now 14yo never believed in Santa. I've no idea where it came from but she always knew he didn't actually exist. She did believe in the tooth fairy though. When she was 8 she asked me if the tooth fairy was real and I gave her an honest answer

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