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Do you think Bradley Robert Edwards is really the Claremont Serial Killer?

He looks so normal....... I heard they had nothing on him.


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Did you know him personally? My mum was friends with his wife and my brother is friends with his step daughter and iv been over their house quite a few times. He's polite but kinda odd and secretive. Like iv never really had much of a conversation with him apart from hi how are you and bye. He's always made himself scarce whenever there's people over.

OP Ohhhh was his wife shocked when he was arrested?
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 I'm the exact same as that when people come over, I'm just anti social and prefer to be in my own company. Common thing
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You heard wrong. They made an arrest, because they had evidence. And what did you really expect him to look like? Of course he looks normal. Most monsters do, on the outside.

Dennis radar, Jeffrey dahmer, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacey all seemed normal too. Goes to show, you never know

1/ Steals underwear off clothes line locally. Finger prints are found on sliding door and stored but suspect is never found.
1a/ Attempts to rape girl in her home, wearing a kimono, fails and flees property. Leaving prints.
2/ Tried to rape and abduct nurse at hollywood hospital. Prints taken by police. Charged with assult only.
2/ 17yr old girl abducted after leaving a pub, gagged, hooded and put into car and taken to cemetery. Brutally raped and left under a tree.
3/ Samples taken and stored.
3a/ Bradeleys wife leaves him.
4/ murder
5/ murder
6/ murder
7/ 25 yrs on Finger print from cold case matches rape finger prints.
8/ DNA gathered secretly from sprite bottle that Edwards uses at the movies.
9/ DNA matches rape victim
10/ DNA matches DNA found under Kierra Glennin middle finger nail.
11/ Edwards pleads guilty to rape but not murders!

Those are facts.
The defence is trying their luck at contamination, but for me the MO and facts are there in front of us. He's GUILTY.

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I lived a few doors down from him.

 Same here
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Where can I get more info on this case???

 The internet?
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Worked with him at Telstra Quiet kept to himself and you would never think it was him.

 That's what they always say
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 where did he work at Telstra? I'm trying to work out if I worked with him back in the 90's!
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 What was his job description
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 Sounds exactly like the type of person I would be suspicious of!
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 Does anyone know whether he was continually in WA in 1992? (work records, annual leave etc)
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They have DNA matches to several crime scenes. Thats pretty good evidence,

 To different crimes, that's not a serial killer pattern
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 You can’t rule out that it’s not a pattern. Crimes can build, first it starts with a break in, then rape, then murder. Bits of confidence and brazen behaviour builds. Like when people start off with killing cats.. it can lead to more serious crimes. A pattern of having no empathy, guilt, caring or consequences is there.
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 True. Alot of sadistic killers start off as a peeping tom or by killing the family cat. They very rarely start full blown psychopath
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Hope its the right person

 DNA doesn't fly around.
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 No need to hope.It is the right crook. He was too devious for the police and that's how he got bolder and more daring.
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If he's innocent I'll eat my hat

 I will eat my hat too.
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Disgusting how anyone can defend this pig. 2 vicious rapes he has plead guilty to. No doubt in my mind this man is guilty.

 We should petition for capital punishment for this swine.
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 He thinks by pleading guilty he can get a lighter sentence. He should be fed to the sharks.
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Bradley Robert Edwards
This guy is a deviant grub.
Can't wait till they jail this pig for eternity. Hiding in plain site. Sad it has taken so long to find the rock this mongrel was hiding under.

 Mongrel is too good a word to be used on this lowlife.
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 Do you know him to actually say that
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 ^sure do
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  have you suffered by him first hand?
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 No need to have suffered him first hand. Reading the gruesome details of his innocent unsuspecting victims is enough.
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I am family friends with Jane’s family. I grew up with her. I’m devastated and I believe he’s guilty. I hope he’s fu***d !

I played softball with him for 6 years. While odd at times, never suspected this. His best mate is stunned

 Wow. What a thing to get your head around. Imagine finding that out about your best mate.
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There is talk he killed more than three and it will come out after the trial.

 He might try negotiating for a lighter sentence by revealing where the other bodies are.
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