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Do you think Bradley Robert Edwards is really the Claremont Serial Killer?

He looks so normal....... I heard they had nothing on him.


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Did you know him personally? My mum was friends with his wife and my brother is friends with his step daughter and iv been over their house quite a few times. He's polite but kinda odd and secretive. Like iv never really had much of a conversation with him apart from hi how are you and bye. He's always made himself scarce whenever there's people over.

OP Ohhhh was his wife shocked when he was arrested?
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You heard wrong. They made an arrest, because they had evidence. And what did you really expect him to look like? Of course he looks normal. Most monsters do, on the outside.

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I lived a few doors down from him.

 Same here
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Dennis radar, Jeffrey dahmer, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacey all seemed normal too. Goes to show, you never know

Worked with him at Telstra Quiet kept to himself and you would never think it was him.

 That's what they always say
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 where did he work at Telstra? I'm trying to work out if I worked with him back in the 90's!
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 What was his job description
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They have DNA matches to several crime scenes. Thats pretty good evidence,

Where can I get more info on this case???

 The internet?
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Im trying to find a picture of him from 20 odd years ago as I think i may have met him then.

My ex neighbour looked normal
He molested my cousin

 Just goes to show. It's actually frightening how normal they can be. Wish it was blatantly obvious, hey?
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I played softball with him for 6 years. While odd at times, never suspected this. His best mate is stunned

 Wow. What a thing to get your head around. Imagine finding that out about your best mate.
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I think they must be confident in their evidence because heads would roll if this prosecution got botched.

 I can honestly see the WA Police screwing this up. There's too much "could be" and "maybe" evidence trying to be submitted.
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