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I asked my hubbys 22 year old niece to baby hubbys and our 2 kids aged 7 and 9 last weekend.
I found out from the kids the niece took them to a guys house who he has 2 kids around my kids age and the kids were given snacks and coke and watched a dvd.

The kids said the niece and man went into a bedroom and when they came out cloud of smoke came out

Hubby thinks we shouldn’t confront the niece and still let her babysit
How would you deal with the incident


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Definately confront her. And never leave your kids in her care again.

 Exactly this
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I wouldn’t confront her, i simply wouldn’t ask her to babysit again.
Assuming you paid her she might offer again, my reply would be ... your play date choice didn’t sound ideal for the kids considering it sounded like you either got really stoned or had half a packet of after sex ciggies, tye kids told me a heap of smoke came out of the room you and your ‘friend’ came out of.
Did she know coke was off limited, tonnes of kids drink the shit, not that I agree with it.

I would be more concerned if she drove home stoned? If she was driving I would consider having my two cents worth about that

 This is the most sensible answer. Most likely she was vaping more than anything if there was a cloud of smoke. 7 year olds arent exactly renowned for their correct interpreptation of events. Mine says all sorts of things that arent remotely what actually happened. Maybe at 9 they are better I dont know.
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 No this is not a sensible answer at all. She took the children to an unknown mans house and left them alone when she was supposed to be caring for them as thats what she was being paid for. Even if it wasn't drugs she still shouldn't have done this stuff in front of the children. They don't need to see it.
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 how is it not sensible? They said they would not ask her to babysit again. what else exactly would you have them do? Confront her on a vague description from a 7 year old? You dont really know that she left them alone. she might have been gone for 5 minutes to get changed. I wouldnt be letting her babysit but I wouldnt cause a family rift over something so vague.
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Omg. This is almost reportable

 Not really. The cloud of smoke might have been incense. kids watching dvds and having snacks is hardly neglect - dont get me wrong I wouldnt give primary aged kids coke
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Is your husband serious? If mine said that, he'd know about it!

Out of curiosity, was she paid (not that that has any bearing on the situation or whether or not it was acceptable)?

I would confront her and tear absolute shreds off of her. What if something awful happened to your kids when they should have been safe at home with their babysitter?

You realise there is a strong likely hood that it wasn't a joint either. It was quite likely crack/meth they were smoking if they were in a room for a while and smoke came out. And regardless of whether it was ciggerettes, weed or crack, what a stupid thing to say. If that were my kids and I heard that, I would be going ape shit. I would not allow my precious babies to be exposed to that crap. If you even consider allowing her to babysit again, just to keep the peace that is stupid. And your husband's reaction is a joke does he not care what your kids are exposed to?

 There isnt a huge cloud of smoke from smoking meth.
its highly unlikely to have been that if this story is even real.

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 You have obviously never smoked meth. There is literally no smoke, you breath it in and f**k all comes out
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You need to talk to her and find out what happened. Make sure other family members know incase they ask her to babysit.

I would never let her babysit again! A total stranger he could have done anything to them. She's not babysitting for goodness sake she had nothyto do with the instead visits some random dude, abandoning them for sex & a joint. No no no no.

 Assumptions on the sex and joint
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Wow. No way would she ever have them again and I would ask her where they went.

Confront her. I wouldn't let her look after the kids again. They don't need to be around that. You paid her to watch your kids, no shove them in front of a Tv so she can go and so drugs with a guy.

I'd give that bitch a good punch to the face. Lol.
But seriously, what is confronting her going to achieve other than causing family awkwardness? Just don't let her babysit again.