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Friend upset because I didn't donate to their gofundme page

Long story short... My friend's husband lost his job two weeks ago. She is telling everyone this sob story that they won't be able to afford their mortgage and living expenses in about a couple of weeks. They set up this gofundme account so people can donate money to help. Problem is that when he was still employed they used to spend like there is no tomorrow. They still have a almost brand new boat, 3 cars, Brand new iPhones etc. She keeps hinting that I should donate something but I just don't feel it is right. What do you ladies think? And I guess my other question is... what is everyone's backup plan? Hubby and I have enough to survive for 3-4 months keeping the same lifestyle, probably an year if we make some dramatic changes.


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I just don't understand why people, especially those with debt, don't have basic income insurance? Your income is worth more than your house or car yet you insure them not the income? What the actual f**k?

I would be too embarrassed to ask my friends and family to donate to a go fund me page unless it was absolutely needed (like if I found out I was dying, I might ask for something for funeral costs just so that isn't thrown on to my family) but not just because I lost my job and want to keep my 3 cars and boat. You shouldn't be expected to hold up other adults because they were terrible with their money and because they want to keep their luxury items.

My back up plan is nothing at the moment, I know what I can survive on and when I have any money left over it goes into a seperate account. but I am going to get another card to spend everyday money with (food, school things, other needs), the one I have now will be used for rent and savings and Christmas/birthday shopping.

 I'm not sure why people are still so hung up on buying unnecessary presents. Christmas these days is just another day. Save your money, and don't waste it. We told our kids years ago that we're no longer buying presents, including for birthdays, and I tell you it has been the best decision we ever made! Try it, it liberates you. :)
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 I don't spend a lot on Christmas or birthday presents, it is also the only time my kids get new toys. It might be silly but I do love those days and just watching them open their gifts.
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 Same. The only time of the year my kids get anything new. They are still little. I wouldn't consider not buying until they were much older
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 My kids don't get a lot, but I wouldn't take the fun out of birthdays and Christmas. However I have made a deal with friends and family that we don't buy for each other.
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Donate only if you can afford to and how much is what you can spare.

I wouldn't donate, if you say they have all those things then maybe they need to sell some.

Get rid of all the gizmos and downsize. We did - and my husband's still in work!

Some people have no idea. My friend started a small play cafe business, it went broke in just under a year. She blamed me and another friend with kids for it not working and hasn't spoken to us since. I went once a month for lunch. I still had to pay the $8 a child entrance fee so I just couldn't afford it. Apparently I should have been going every week and bringing lots of friends with me.