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Kids playing on the streets.....

We all know that you just don't see it anymore.... my girls like to play after school, on the street/front gardens with two other girls who live in the house next door and the one next to that. You, know, like the good old days.... Their houses are both at the street from so their mums can see/hear the. Our house is on a split block set back from the street. I am obviously terrified of them being snatched or run over et , but desperately want my kids to have a bit of independence and play like we used to!! So I spend a lot of my time at the top of my driveway drinking coffee and on the phone to my mum so I can watch them without then seeing....., I think I'd be ok if it was just my elderly as she is pretty sensible and would be fine, it's just my youngest who is a bit of a loooaw cannon. I have so much to do inside the house..,, seriously thinking of bringing a chair and the laundry basket too!!! Who else lets their kids play out?


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Nope unfortunately not. Busy street with wankers next door who rev their cars and speed with their motorbikes.
Also our street is mostly elderly people apart from the rev heads.
I wish I had more faith in humanity but I don't so my kids play in the back yard

I wonder if you could set up a walker talkie or baby monitor if you can talk into it to alleviate your worries but spend time inside. Good for you, you might encourage the whole street soon!

 Brilliant idea! I am stealing this :-)
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mine are always outside playing, let them be kids.
climbing trees, going to the lake, riding motorbikes, scooters, bikes.

My kids play around the neighbourhood. There's parks, bush, sand dunes and a range of other kids houses where they spend all afternoon after school and all day on the weekends. They come in when it's dark. My lot are aged between 5 and 13, and the 5 year old has to be with a sibling at all times. We're in a regular suburb in a metro area. I love that they have the freedom I took for granted as a child.

The kids in our little culdesac are always out on the street - the neighbours even have their trampoline set up on the front lawn for all the kids! Small town though, and the golden retriever tends to keep an eye on them all! Youngest is 7, gets up to about 13 if they are playing with the footy. It's a good flat dead end - perfect for bikes.

My kids are the only kids on my street that Play on the front lawn (supervised!) It is sad that we have lost so much trust in society. I've noticed a lot of the new houses built today don't have much of a front yard either..

We have security cameras that are hooked up to the tablets, our phones and the PC, so i could probably watch my kids outside. However we have a biggish property with a large front yard, side yard and backyard. So i make them play in the yard. Other kids sometimes come over, but they also have to play in the yard. And the gate is padlocked (but seethrough bars so theyre parents could see them if they came to get them) we recently had a weirdo at our local corner store who was trying to 'pickup' the young male worker in there, and kept coming back and sitting in his car right outside the shop. I just cant take any chances. When i was younger my mum practically threw me out the front door and told me to go investigate a creek or something lol!

my twins are 4 so don't go anywhere by themselves anyway. Ive had our front yard fenced in because they and our dog were/are runners but even when they get older i couldn't let them. Eventhough our street is a dead end street, its a thoroughfare to retirement village and nursing home that sees a lot of traffic, speeding trucks and cars with cars parked on the street all the time. Just isn't safe. Not like the cut-de-sac that i grew up in only 5 minutes away :(

The kids in our street play together. I think they are next door neighbours. My kids are too little to go play yet, they are 4 &3, but they will be allowed when they are older. Currently they play in our front yard with the gate shut. I wouldn't mind if other kids came in but they aren't allowed out and if anybody tries to talk to them they are to come inside. I leave the door open and the front blinds so I can see them and hear them

It's been interesting. We moved into a street. We let our 7yr old out to ride his bike and scooter. Since we let him all the other kids are allowed out. I would prefer that he learns sensible risk taking and good decision making now then behind the wheel for the first time.

I had to get video surveillance. I have it set up so I can see the area where they play. It's just a video baby monitor. Brings me so much peace of mind.

We live in a cauldersac we play all the time and we out a bench otside as my youngest is 1 .... it's just a season I. Sometimes say f**k it to what I have to do to let my kids play in the street with the street kids

 caul de sac
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Depends on their ages, my son is currently wondering our neighborhood with friends but he is 12.