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Stupid things you’ve thought about the human body.

When I was little I thought we peed out of the clitoris, a high school boyfriend of mine thought you inserted pregnancy tests into the vagina. Tell me your stories.


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I thought I'd be able to keep eating the same things I ate pre babies and not put on weight 😂😣😣

 Ugh me too.
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I asked dad when I was I kid, "was it normal to have a hole in your mouth?" He said yes of course! Thinking I meant the throat. Years later I was talking to mum about food getting stuck in my mouth hole and it give me bad breath. Confused she asked what I was on about. I said the hole at the top of my mouth! Turns out I have a very slight cleft palet (hopefully spelt right). Lol I was a teen before anyone realised

An ex of mine thought girls had "outties" (large inner labia(sp?)) because they were "slogged out". The more sex you had the bigger your inner lips got.

He was in his 20's. 🤦‍♀️

 My husband still believes that. The bigger the flaps the more she's had sex. I have HUGE inner flappers, I told him that I've had them long before I lost my virginity but he doesn't believe me
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I used to think I peed from there too, lol.
I also used to think that babies actually grew inside the belly, so... Stomach.

Very naive and stupid, but I thought that every pregnancy ran smoothly. I didn't realise babies could be born early or sick. I thought extreme swelling in pregnancy was completely normal and just a little fluid retention. I learned the hard way the truth.

I thought if I wore the right bra and sat with perfect posture, my boobs would never sag.

I thought that pregnancy induced hemorrhoids would naturally fix themselves after giving birth 😂