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Weekend away with step kids.

My family loves going away fishing most weekends, I have two step kids one who loves joining us the other hated it. The one who hates it now has a job on weekends and says she can't come, the issue is she is 17 but very irresponsible and has friends over and parties if left home alone. The step kids are here every other weekend and we usually all go away one weekend and stay home the other. I don't know if I can say if you don't come with us you have to stay with your mum, which will cause issues with mum, or tell her she can't work that weekend. I know what to do!!


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She can't be trusted so it comes down to three options. Stay with mum, come away or stay at a friends house

OP Should I leave it up to her?
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OP As in we are going away the house will be locked let me know if you are coming?
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 You can’t expect a friends parents to put up with an irresponsible 17 yr old all weekend.
Stay with mum or come camping, really she shouldn’t miss work and you can not put your life on hold . she sounds like she would be annoying af if she came camping esp if she didn’t want to.
If her mum has an issue with her staying home with her maybe it’s time she moved out, she might learn to respect other people’s homes if she had her own. I would be telling her to start saving bond $ and learn to budget as she will not be left in your home alone.

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Get your husband to tell the mum that’s how it will be.