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What would you do?

Ok so I need to make a choice ASAP! Please honest opinions

Short story:
We hadn’t seen my husband 13 year old daughter in 8 months. She came to us 25/12/17 and told us of alcohol, drugs, violence etc and never attending school at mothers hand. We were awarded primary care. While in our care, A+ grades always at school, healthy (never happens with mother)

Mother appealed, new judge child got returned.

Back with mother since July 2018 and has not attended a day at school, hasn’t been to dr, is now suspended due to never being at school. child has been alienated since return we haven’t seen or spoken to her. Her friend sent us pictures of her drinking and posing in lingerie on Instagram. Have reported to child safety, dept of education nsw etc. child went form top of class with us with tutors and a lot of work to getting pretty much no pass and basic on all her reports since return to mother. Now we want to file a notice of risk and urgent uplift order as were extremely concerned.


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Do all you can to get her back into your care. No questions about it.

OP Thanks starting documents now.
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Goodluck. I think you already knew your answer and what to do. 100% the right thing to do. And if child ever gives you attitude. Remind them you’ve done all you have because you love them. They may push boundaries if testing out alcohol and photo shoots etc. sounds like looking for attention.

Good luck she will appreciate having her father and stepmother love and care for her so much if she doesn't now she will in years to come.

I have no idea how this stuff works but if I were you I would be fighting to get her back in your care. Good luck!!! Xxx

OP Thanks. I’m starting the paperwork now.
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You are awesome! She's lucky to have a beautiful woman like you to look atter her.

I have no advice but I just wanted to say thank you for being such a caring stepmother. Fingers are crossed she comes back home to you and her father.

She sis clearly screaming out for help I am surprised you have waited this long to do anything about it. You need to contact police now and get them to do a welfare check, explain the situation to them get as much documentation as you can. Photos of illegal drinking etc will also help as clearly the mother is incapable of parenting!

OP W heavenly waited long we have a court date on 9 April 2018 which was applied for on 25 October. Now we’re going to lodge an urgent application. We have attempted welfare checks police say no. We have been to child safety and doctors and everything. We haven’t been just sitting ducks
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OP We haven’t*
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 U need to call CP's on the mother
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 Child protection need to be involved asap. The school need to back up your claim that she has gone downhill since being in the mothers care. Now she is older get a court appointed lawyer for the child to fight against living with the mother. Why have u had no contact?
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 Why doesn't the child "run away" if she hates the way her life is with the mother? What is the mother doing to curb the behaviour? How on earth did the judge rule in the mums favour? Kids need rules stability and an education. I'd make a formal complaint against the judges ruling.
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OP I have made complaint after complaint to cps. Affidavit after affidavit with evidence to courts. We’re now taking it further and above as the decision made is wrong.

She lives in the Yamba nsw and we in Brisbane qld that’s quite far from us and has only her mothers friends down there.

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OP We asked for court appointed lawyer and judge declined and said no
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