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What do you think about piercing baby's ears?


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My 3 daughters all had theirs done early. 5-6 months old. Wouldn't change it! Healed so fast, never had an issue and they absolutely love them. Now aged 7, 5 and 2.

 Yes, my youngest healed really quickly too! (My elder girl had hers done older & she kept playing with them, they took forever to heal!) Both my girls love earrings so we have lots, they also take care of their 'collections' & ears because it's all they've known.
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I hate the excuse parents give “ they won’t remember the pain if they get it done when they’re babies”. Yeah, they may not remember it but I can bloody assure you those babies still FELT it at the time. It’s cruel and unnecessary. I waited til my girls were 7 and explained that it hurt briefly and the choice was theirs. Took my 7 year old in and the lady refused to do it. She said her ears weren’t fully developed yet ( something about butterfly ears ) and said go back in 6 months. She was turned away two more times. If she’d had them done earlier the lobes would’ve dropped and the earring holes would be uneven. So glad I went to a professional piercer and got good advice. Chemists will do any age regardless.

 🤦‍♀️🤯 maybe that's why my holes are uneven. One hole is really low. I got mine done at 3 apparently I was nagging. My eldest daughter got hers done when she was 6, but had been asking for a while.
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I'm against it. I have three daughters and decided that it wasn't my body so I would wait until we could talk about it once they approached me about getting it done.
Also i was told by a person that worked in a piercing shop that ears grow and a hole could end up at the bottom of their earlobe instead of nearer the middle. My eldest is 11 now and she has asked and we agreed she could get it done as a celebration of finishing primary school. So this year!

 Happened to my daughter. Got here done at 4 years old. Perfectly in the centre of her ears (t the time). She’s now 10 and the holes are right down the bottom of the ear lobe.

We are going to re-pierce later

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 You sound like a sensible lady. I agree.
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It is completely unnecessary and only serves a cosmetic purpose. They should choose when they have them done, if that’s even what they want, and can understand the pain and cleaning process. I was made to wait until I was 8, my daughter was 6 after I made her a wait and think about it for 6 months. My younger daughter will go through the same process, although I think I’ll have to wait longer as her ears are a different shape to my eldest.

Nope just nope. I let my kids get to the age where they ask for ears pierced and it was exciting.

 ^I love this response
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Yuk yuk yuk. Looks so feral and bogan. I know it’s cultural for some people but it’s just gross.

I think it is awful, but it’s a cultural thing in my husband’s family. I was asked by my mil just after my daughter was born if I would be piercing her ears - I said no way so my mil bought her a gold necklace instead of earrings. Gotta love that woman. Some extended family of hers gave gold earrings for the baby though, I just put them away for when she decides to pierce them herself.

Personally I waited but don't judge those who do it early. My daughter nagged and nagged and she got them done for her 4th birthday. Didn't even flinch :)

I don’t mind either way, I was very tempted to get my daughter done but waited until she was old enough to ask and understand. She was six when she started asking. I’m glad I waited.

I’m against it. What’s the purpose in babies? Personally, I’m not a fan. Let them grow up and decide for themselves. If my little ones ask for their ears to be pierced because that’s what they want then I will support it 100% but until then, they are perfect as they are.

I'll do my kids if they ask. I think it should be their choice but that's me. I can't speak for anyone else

Wish I did my girls early. Just did our 5yo after lots of requests. And we had to spend lots of time preparing her for the pain lots of talks and showing her photos of the tools used, we made it sound worse than it was so she when was done she kicked arse “it hurt but it wasn’t that bad mum”. Miss 3yo wants nothing to do with it at this stage. But I’d do it early If I had my time again they don’t touch it and it heals really fast.

I have three girls. The first two were both pierced at 6 months of age, which was great, they have no awareness of it, so don’t touch it and it heals easily. My third girl is so petite, she hasn’t had enough lobe to pierce. She’s now nearly 2 and I don’t want to get them done because I know she’ll pull on them and cause an likely cause an infection or hurt herself. I’ll probably wait until she’s old enough to ask for them herself since I couldn’t do it when she was a baby.
Sort of a cultural thing in mine and my husband’s families, but there’s never been any pressure. For me, it’s just what we’ve always done.

My 3 year old had her ears pierced at 6 months without any issues & my 16 year old had hers done at 3. Their piercings are fine, my 16 year olds haven't grown out of position (my little ones ears look fine as well but she's too young for me to know for sure) & given the choice again I'd get both of them done at 6 months. They were easier to care for & quite frankly they would've just asked for them as they got older anyway. My 16 year old wants a second set in her ears & her belly button done... those she can have when she's 18.