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Does anyone donate to a charity? If you do, which one?

Answered 12 months ago

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12 months ago
I occasionally donate to the RSPCA, but not many others. I find that most of the time once you donate something you get bombarded with phone call from them asking for more!

12 months ago
I used to. I used to donate to Doctors Without Borders, and The Cancer Council. I got an angry return phone call after trying to cancel my monthly donation to TCC (due to financial difficulty at the time). A very rude woman started belittling me and berating me about how I obviously didn't care about anyone other than myself, how dare I cancel my support, don't I know how important that money is to people with cancer. So, yeah, never supporting those guys again.
DWB I stopped after I found out their collectors (the ones who try to stop you at the shops) are paid to do their job. Where does that money come from? From the donations.

I donate to local charities now. There's one for the local deaf community, and the local RFS sometimes has a tin out at the shops.
And the Surf Lifesavers. Any one that I can put my change in as a once off will make me stop and check it out.

12 months ago
I volunteer my time and also resources to share the dignity. You can also donate $ if you wish