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Weird things with your partner

What are they silly things that you only do with your partner that if someone else saw you, they would think you two were nuts.

Ex. When my partner has my back to me I go up behind him and smack and/or pinch his bum cheeks and yell "Who has a sexy cute bum!" really loud. He gets a bit annoyed sometimes but I know he likes the attention.


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Lol we push each other into displays too or people lol

I always try to put a finger up his bum (not forcefully) whenever he turns around. It pisses him off so much I love it. We also scare eachother when im brushing my teeth or when hes in the toilet hahaha

 Hahahha I do this to
I love that it annoys him

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I always fondle my partner at home when it's just us lol. I dunno why I do it but it's funny. He gets so cranky sometimes lol but in saying that he will punch my nipples in a sexual way whenever he gets the chance lol

 Lol I do it too and he hates it! I am just so fascinated by his penis
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 It was meant to say pinch lol
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 Hahahha I love this - I'm the same I can't help myself! And it's not sexual I just want to touch it - I think I lead him on a lot. Sorry hubby lol maybe I should have been a man so I could have my own to play with
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If he is bending over I'll walk up behind him and start "humping" him. It's hilarious every time without fail lol

 I do this too! I also him a nice firm smack on the arse cheek and say WOOOO!
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 Haha same here! I find it way funnier than I should!
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We always muck around when shopping trying to push each other into the displays and throwing toilet paper, balls etc, but at home I poke and prod at him when he is trying to watch tv haha annoys the crap out of him

I love tormenting hubby - I annoy him all the time
And I know I'll regret this but for some reason I love cleaning ears!! It's completely disgusting I know!!

I tickle his nipples- he is SO ticklish it's hilarious. And we put our fingers up each other's noses- not to pick it or anything. Just rest it there for a few seconds. And always joke about me 'asking' him for money (he earns the moo lah) and he says only if I pay him in sexual favours.

HAHAHAHA!! And here I was thinking... Hmm I'll have to ask hubby to try to sexually punch mine..

 Lol glad you got a laugh x
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We over share with each other lol to the point of whoa babe come and see the size of this poo! It's massive.
Lol. It can be pretty gross at times. But mostly it's just funny.
I dunno really he treats me like one of the guys in front of others but like a princess in private it's a pretty good deal. So I guess people who know us would think any romantic shit in public is us gone nuts. But strangers probably think us shoulder barging each other in the shops is nuts. Eh.
We cool.

We are very dirty. We say sexual things to each other all the time. I also don't wear knickers under skirts but only he knows. Its a little teasing game we play on each other when where out.