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Paid parental leave

Answered 2 years ago

Centrelink say pay online before birth of child etc. But then says I'm not eligible because my other children have been in my care over 12 months. So do I have to put details for a baby even though I don't have a baby yet? I'm overwhelmed and after waiting at the office for hours for them to tell me everything is lodged online and can be submitted up to 3 month early wasn't helpful

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2 years ago
2 years ago, I entered before baby was born as there is a delay in payment, I had friends who just filled it out and left it to Centrelink to decide whether they were eligible. I get the whole feeling overwhelmed, just wait until Monday and tell them that this is how you are felling and hopefully you will get someone to explain you through the process. Goodluck


2 years ago
I hope I'm eligible because I'm the main breadwinner in my house. Kinda freaking out about everything now..
I'll just have to be persistent in the office until they help haha