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Porn at work?

Answered 9 months ago

Hi all, looking for guys and girls input here as I’m at a bit of a loss. I have been with my partner for 5 years now, the sex has always been great and always a mix up / never boring and something new / surprising. We have been married for a year, yearly 30s and the past few months the sex has changed. He’s lost his (hard) during sex, says, hasn’t (finished) and sometimes says he’s too tired when I ask for it. Any advice? He says it’s because he’s either too tired or has a **** at work that day Ladies have you girls experienced this? Guys is this just normal guy / sex porn stuff? And I’m overthinking this people Cheers

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9 months ago
Do you know he is watching porn or are you just assuming it?

There could be so many reasons. He could be telling the truth and be stressed at work and that is effecting things. It could be something physical. It could even be he is having an affair.

If it isn’t porn or another woman (or man) then he should go get checked out by a professional. And you need to have an open and honest discussion with him.

9 months ago
Having a **** at work seems abit strange but it sounds like he needs to get some help from a gp.