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Answered 7 months ago

Since my separation has turned extremely nasty im struggling to get the children to do anything. They were doing great then shit hit the fan and now they won’t pick up toys or do anything i ask. All i get is “dad says it is your job” “dad says we don’t have to listen to you’
There is no respect for anything, they leave plates and cups everywhere, toys and books everywhere, even dirty clothes wherever it lands.
Their dad will no communicate nor will he get on same page as me in regards to chores with the kids (ages 4-10)
And as there is a mouse plague im struggling to do all cleaning/picking up everything on my own and having kids destroy everything ive done constantly

Has anyone got any tips or anything that are useful?

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7 months ago
tried sitting them down and having a really planned out talk with them about long term destruction of mummy if this continues and what this could mean for them? This is a common chat in our home, its important kids realise that fun stuff and fun mum doesn't come out of know where, that fun activities require preparition and effort by mummy and when she is exhausted or paid back by rudeness or not doing your share it means that she won't do these things... :) I run a tight ship because I have to (no support), no seperation issues but it could help perhaps? goodluck

7 months ago
See a mediator