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How hard is it to put shoes on your kid?

Do you let your kids walk around barefoot in public?


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Many people have sensory aversions to wearing shoes. I just assume it is the parents making the best decision for their child based upon the knowledge they have and I'm not privy to.

Yes because it’s better for their feet, were all barefoot 95% of the time. Before the kids start school, first thing they do when they finish (literally sometimes before they strap in from pick and go) is take off their shoes.

I expecially cringe when I see poor little 1 year olds in shoes that are completely fu****g up their little bodies and arches.

 Yes, there is a lot of research about being barefoot and how it is beneficial.
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 I agree to a point but not when you're crossing the road or something geez
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Sometimes it is really hard when they are resisting or removing their shoes as soon as they are on etc. Sometimes you just gotta pick your battles If you think this is the worse thing a parent can ever do then you have it pretty damn good

yes. Some days my child can't wear shoes due to being ASD.

 Or sensory issues
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My youngest hates shoes, I’m lucky if I can get her to wear thongs! So she will be the child running around in socks... and you know what: I don’t care what people think, she is happy.

Public beach? Pool? No.
Dinner out? Shopping centre? Yes.
But really, this is Australia - isn't it a bit of a tradition to run around barefoot as a kid and cop the bindiis?

 Or broken glass
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Unless we're at the beach or pool, I wouldn't let my kids walk down the street with no shoes. spit, cat, dog & bird excrement, glass, cigarettes, gum, needles....... No thanks

 Yes the footpaths around shopping centres are disgusting 🤢
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Totally depends on the location and the age of the child. Sometimes we will stop off at Woolworths on the way home from daycare and my kids won't be wearing shoes because they don't wear them at daycare and I don't have any in the car at the time. I'm not going to go home just to grab shoes just to pop in woolies to get milk and bread.

The majority of the time though my kids are wearing shoes if we are out because the ground gets too hot for them to be barefoot.

No never can't stand to see kids without shoes especially in winter and now a days you can get a pair of kids shoes for under 5 dollars it makes me madder if the parents have smokes hanging out of their mouths

My children always wear shoes. It’s bad manners not to wear shoes in public.

 But why? How is a pair of thongs that much better than bare feet?
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 My children and I have bad manners. We rarely wear shoes.
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