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Did anyone register their interest for JobSeeker earlier this year but not hear back from Centrelink?

I could have sworn there was a button in MyGov to register interest for JobSeeker and then it said that Centrelink would get back to you. I never heard back. I've just learned that I should have put in a claim within 2 weeks of pressing that button, but I'm sure that wasn't mentioned back then, I'm sure it said someone would be in contact with me. Did this happen to anyone else? Centrelink says they won't backdate payments to when I registered interest.


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Welcome to dealing with centerlink. You are now a prisoner of the system. It won't make you laugh but it will make you cry. Set aside a few hours of your day to call them. Bring snacks, drinks and entertainment. If you do need to use the bathroom while you're on hold make it quick because odds are that's when they'll pick up and want you to quote a number to them that's in the next room...unless they cut you off and then you'll be hearing the heartbreaking sound beep beep beep beep beep....guess what now you have to do it all again. Goodluck ✌

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The government never make these things straight forward

They had that option because their website was often down. You were supposed to register your intent to claim so they can back pay you from that date but you still lodge the claim whenever you can (ie when the website will actually let you).
I don't think they were going to contact you to do the claim for you.

Not sure, perhaps see Centrelink or google if you can’t find the info. I did think you would have to take ID and hence the long queues

No need to register

OP As in "no, you need to register" or as in "there's no need to register"?
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