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What do you think about the Mum complaining about people wearing g-strings at local swimming areas as being indecent?

Personally - it's only a bottom, who cares!

by SAHM Staff Report

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It's fecking gross. I don't want to see your arse. Also where does it end? Next it'll be bits of string covering your nipples & we'll all be expected to be ok with that too.

 What exactly offends you about a butt?
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 The sight of it obviously
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 I think the problem lies with the string, a plain bare bum isnt as offensive as one with something wedged inside of it.
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Totally unnecessary.
When will women stop behaving like pieces of meat?!!!!!

I am sooooo sick of seeing everyones arse. Also dont get the ‘massive deformed arse thing’.. I used to be a stripper and i wore more then most girls on the beach wear now.

When you’re at a water park with your ten year old boy going up stairs and there’s a girl one step up with her arse completely on show and in your kids face, I get disgusted. I don’t want someone’s pooey farty bum in our faces. Wear your skimpy crap at the beach but not at family fun parks or pools.

 Pooey? Farty? 😂😂 I agree :)
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 Haha love it!
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 I’m just sitting here blown away at how dirty peoples arses must be if that’s where their mind goes.

Ladies g strong on not, please learn to clean yourselves.
An arse shouldn’t be pooey or farty.
You fart when you shit and then you clean, it’s not rocket science. I didn’t realise so many people don’t clean their arses.

Also most people’s mouths are dirtier imo lol.

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 I didn’t mean they have poo on their bums at that moment. I mean that’s where poo and farts come from so bums are gross. I don’t know if the person in front of me has wiped their bum or not. I don’t know if they’ve just had a curry and is about to let a huge smelly one go. I don’t want to take the risk. So keep your bum away from my face.
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 Wait, so you're offended by arses because that's where poo and farts come from?

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 I don’t want an arse in my face. They are disgusting. I wouldn’t want a vagina in my face either. Keep your private parts private.
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 What about a penis?
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 Just my husbands. Not some randoms at a water park when I’m there with my kids.
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I’m from Brazil and I find it so funny how upset people get about skin here lol.
For me my grandmother wears Brazilian bikinis on the beach NO ONE cares

 It’s really normal in my country, men all wear “speedos” and women bikinis. (Our style lol)
All old people, young people, mothers , fathers they all wear swimmers. I don’t see what’s the big deal with your country is all. It’s just swimmers.

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 It’s call modesty
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 It's not about skin. A full brief at least covers more of your genitalia. I don't want to slide down a slide at a water park or sit on a chair in the pool cafe where people have sat with a string up their a*s that doesn't cover anything. When you sit and your cheeks spread on the surface it's disgusting. Save your anal smears for Brazil then love lol
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 Well Thankyou sir obvious, I’m aware this is not Brazil.
Butt cheeks are no different to the back of your legs or anything.
It’s just funny to me that people are so offended by something that’s really normal. It’s a bum. And unless you wear board shorts there’s not difference if it’s half your cheeks or all.

Yes unfortunately our country has many problems, which is why I live here. But its sad you think it’s fu***d up because it’s different.
But it does some things well is not having such a complex about bodies the way people do here, there for I don’t see people obsessing over their bodies there the way people do here, and such a displeasure and dislike of something as wonderful as a body! Most all my Australian friends have body hang ups, even the ones with amazing bodies.
Perhaps instead of insulting a culture because they see things differently maybe try to see, why is it 2 cheeks don’t bother them but bother me so.
It’s not normal to be offended by a body part.

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 Yes we do and it’s almost always boobs.maybe lipo? Many of my friends have this too because our hips and butts can get very very big by genetics.
Brazilian bodies are generally big butts tiny waist and flatter chests.
But I’m talking about something different. For example many friends of mine had boob jobs , but before they did it never stoped them being in bikinis and on the beach.
A same friend here who had work done wore tshirts before she got them or 1 peices cos she was embarrassed by her small chest.

Also I’m not sure it’s the most, definatly up there but pretty sure America trumps everyone (pun intended)
Many factors would contribute to that: size of the country (ovcourse we have more than everyone we are one of the biggest countries) cost (it is one of the cheapest and best places to have it done so there are many many travellers who have it done here. Iv seen many times her in australia Brazil advertised and their whol trip and surgery is cheaper than having done here.)

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Gross. On holidays my daughter loudly asked me why the lady at the pool didn’t pull her big wedgie out 😂😂😂😂😂😂

 Love this haha
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I have no idea why so many people on here are so opinionated about other women having there a*s out. If they want to have there a*s and have lots of men stare at it, let them.

 Why not tits & vaginas too? It's about decency and where we draw the line. Where's your line?
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 My line is on vaginas and penis.
Even boobs are negotiable. At the beach I don’t mind if people sunback topless. Even if someone was sunbaking at a public pool topless probably wouldn’t bother me.

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If I wanted to see some a*s I’d go to a strip club or a brothel!

But I’d really like to spend time with my family without every man on the beach steering at these girls while upsetting their wives who a lot have put in the effort to look amazing and have their confidence shot down!

 While I don’t agree with bums out anywhere people like, the responsibility of these men to behave respectfully to their wives is up to them, and your confidence shouldn’t rely on wether or not there are “hot” women around. But yeah, butts out is gross.
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It’s pretty unnecessary to have your bum out at a public pool. Go to the beach if you want to get tanned or whatever. If you can explain to me why you need to have your bum out to swim, I might change my mind.

 What's the difference between a public pool and a public beach?
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my kids and I were at the Gold Coast before Christmas & we saw heaps of females in g-stings, my kids are 8 & didn’t even bat an eyelid.

We saw a girl that obviously self harms, the kids noticed her cuts & scars and asked me if she was okay.

It’s how you raise you kids... to notice when someone maybe hurting or sad ... not when they are showing off a bit of butt! Everyone has an arse.

Agree with the mum. They should be banned. Since when did bottoms not be private areas. I don't want to see you fat arse hanging out.

I suppose wear what you want if they feel comfortable enough to wear it and know people will look and stare then good on them!

Answered by SAHM Staff