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Am I the only one who thinks cards are a total waste?

Birthday cards Christmas cards fathers day cards. They're so expensive $6 for a card! Someone buys it writes dear blah blah from blah blah, it's not like they write the nice message in the middle. Then what do you do with it? Do people really keep them? Who has that kind of space in their house to keep every card they've ever been given. Mine go in the recycling. What a waste of a tree. Am i the only person who feels this way?


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I think I’m in the minority on this one. I LOVE cards, I love receiving them and giving them. I put a lot of thought into what card I buy for what person and I’ve often said to my husband, I don’t care if you don’t buy me a gift, I expect a nice card. He always writes some nice words inside which mean the world to me. I also love receiving handmade cards from my children. I have kept all my kids special cards and birthday cards, and special cards I’ve received. I am just a ‘card’ person. No email thank you’d, if I’m grateful, you get a card! End of!! Lol.

At Playgroup this week, my 22 month old made my Mum's Husband (only recently married) his very first Father's Day card, just paint, scribble I wrote "Happy Father's Day Grandpa (his name) he got it in the post yesterday and put it on their, I mean he moved all the surrounding magnets etc... So it took pride of place.
Its things like that, which is why the only cards I ever buy are online with photos of the kids on them. And all up, with postage about $5 more than those $6 Hallmark ones. Bit of a tip though, some are really funny, you could always browse through and steal the phrase to make your own

 Should be 'on their fridge'
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 2...your kid is 2
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 Well he's not actually ^ 2 is 24 months
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I used to make them when I had more time. People appreciate the time it has taken and you can personalise them. I agree the bought ones are too expensive.

 My friend does cardmaking her cards are gorgeous i love getting one
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 That sounds lovely...then what do you do with it?
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We buy blanks from Kmart for $2 and have a heap of stickers from Kmart (the $1 sheets) stamps textas ect and they make their own cards. We restock every 6 months of so for $20
Would last longer if my 5 year old didn't make cards for her best friends for no reason every week.

 And for my good friends I usually write something really nice
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I keep the cards my children are given. I still have cards my grandmother and Aunty gave me, they are both gone now and I treasure them. It isn’t that hard to store them, they literally take up a small folder. I don’t buy cards, we make them. I also don’t use wrapping paper. I use present bags which can be reused.

 Mum kept all mine. Love the ones from my grandmother. I’ve kept the kids special ones.

After birthdays etc we keep all cards hanging on a string for a few weeks. After that I separate the fronts for the preschool to use for crafts or cut smaller tags from them

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I know a lot of people feel the same way as you. And the act of card giving is definitely becoming a thing of the past. Personally I love cards. I keep the ones from people who mean something to me. To me they are more significant than the gift they might come with

We give blocks of chocolate and least they can be used and are appreciated. We usually give money as a gift so we wrap the choc with the money.

There’s only a few people I send cards to and that my grandparents and my great Aunty. They expect them and it’s just what they are used to.
I send them pictures of my kids regularly and write little notes about how we are doing and how the kids are. They really appreciate it.

I don’t buy cards for anybody else though. My toddler makes cards for his grandparents for their birthdays and other occasions. For kids birthdays I buy a little book and write a message in the front of that for the kid.

I’ve kept a few cards, like from my 18th, 21st, congratulations on the baby cards etc important occasions band I have kept all my kids cards because they may want them some day.

We avoid cards as much as possible for all the reasons you listed.

I do them but i get the $2 ones unless its for something like a wedding. The $2 ones are fine

You can readily get nice $1 cards everywhere these days.

If you really don’t want to buy cards buy or make gift tags and get the kids to decorate them

I’m not big into cards either but I’ll buy cards if I’m gifting money or gift cards. Otherwise I get the kids to make a card or just write our message on the wrapping paper.

I don't do cards think they are a waste and end up in the bin anyway. Our kids will make cards for their friends.

I don't mind buying a nice card for something like a wedding, where they probably will keep the cards. But otherwise I get the toddler to make one, or just get a 75c one from the reject shop.

We don't buy cards. My kids make them because they want to but I won't buy a card