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My sister is purposely overeating in pregnancy to have a big baby. How can I educate her that this is not a good idea? She has Gestational Diabetes.

The more anyone mentions it the more it's like she rebels and works harder to gain weight.
She's 28 weeks along and gained 36 kilos on her size 18 frame.
She seems to think that the bigger the baby the healthier they are. But that's not how it works.
It's almost like it's now a competition with herself to gain as much as possible.
She's eating so much that she's constantly complaining of diarrhea.
Her husband is very very big and encouraging it. He is 6 foot 5 and over 250 kilos.
I used to be 160 kilos and 5 foot 1 and it caused allot of trouble in my last pregnancy. I don't want this for her.
I want her baby to have the best chance.


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36 kilos is a massive pregnancy weight gain. Especially on someone who is already carrying a bit of extra weight. She is taking massive risk (GD, pre term labour, pre eclampsia just to name a few) Does she have ante natal checks? Surely her midwife or OB has told her about the dangers of excessive weight gain, and obesity in pregnancy ? Could she be using her pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever she wants ?

Good luck to her giving birth to it. I had gestational diabetes with my first daughter. I am already very thin however my ob made me basically go on a strict diet and exercise after every meal it was horrendous! My baby turned out fine and healthy, why on earth would someone purposely jeopardise the health of their baby is beyond me. Call her ob and drop the hint

This is very dangerous, and can cause fetal death but more likely complications with birth that can adversely affect the baby for life. It can set them up to develop Type 2 diabetes later in life. Why would she be deliberately trying to cause the baby harm ? Is she secretly tying to get rid of it ?

I would ring and notify her gp or midwife.
I had gdm and was terrified I was going to have a stillbirth because it's a complication of gdm and big out of proportion babies.
I lost 17 kilos during my pregnancy and mostly tried to eat well.
My beautiful baby was born 3 kilos and in proportion but because of the gdm, had some lung issues at birth and couldn't breathe on his own properly and was on a cpap machine in NICU, and couldn't Maintain his blood sugar levels and had to have a glucose drip while in NICU.
And he wasn't a big baby!
Why is your sister being so unhealthy and careless?

Unfortunately this is an issue for her doctor to address. If you and other people continue to tell her she’s just going to get worse.