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Someone reported me to the rspca for my dog barking

What can I do? They are coming back on on Friday
He sleeps in my bed but should I buy him his own bed I don’t want to get into trouble for him not having a bed they only like my dog so I have 24 cans is that enough for should I buy more I’m nervous and stressed on this please help 😱


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Barking is a council issue. RSPCA will only attend if council referred or an abuse complaint has been filed. The fact you’re so nervous and over compensating in itself is concerning and maybe there is some truth to this. I don’t understand why they would attend and then book to come back.

In my opinion it seems as though they have spotted issues and asked you to rectify and they will be returning to see if that has happened.

What you’re describing is not commonplace at all

OP I was not home that’s why they are coming back
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Barking dog complaints are investigated by council not the RSPCA. RSPCA become involved when there are animal welfare concerns.

I thought barking dogs was more of a council issue. Learn something new everyday :)

If you are kind to your pet and fulfill their needs they will be very happy. Don't worry so much. What a lucky dog to sleep on your bed, i wish i was as nice as you 😊


What does having a bed have to with the dog barking?
They won’t be looking for that. They will probably be wanting to chat about the complaint, they should have some kind of record of when the dog barks and for how long which you will need to address. Like maybe if the dogs barks when you go out at night then you could leave a light on and maybe the tv so he/she doesn’t feel alone.

They won’t care about if the dog sleeps on your bed and they won’t be counting how many tins of food your dog has.

My sister in law neglected her cat and dog when her baby came
The cat and dog were fed no walks for dog and no attention to them i Called rspca and cat and dog were removed and sister in law received a $255 fine and a 5 year ban owning pets and she has no clue who reported her

 So because she had a new baby you reported her. Must be either more to this story or whatever because just due to that animals wouldn’t be removed and fines etc of that magnitude
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 Yeah right. I think you're making this up. Or else there's a lot more to the story.
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