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Headaches with period

Do any ladies in here get headaches when they get their period? What do you do to keep them at bay? Or have you found something that prevents them? I would rather not have to take painkillers for a quarter of my life, so any natural remedies or lifestyle changes are what I'd prefer.


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Yes, Panadol, drink lots of water, iron tablets and vitamins

I got horrific migraines when I have my period. Usually toward the end. Not every month and usually worse if I'm stressed as well so I try to avoid too much stress. It's awful. 😖

I get bad migraines just before my period, the Dr told me it was too much salt in my diet leading up to it, so I cut the little amount out but still get them. So I think it is just hormonal

I used to get them when I was on the pill. My gp thought it was estrogen withdrawal when I stopped the active pills and went on the sugar pills.

It's hormonal. I take a vitamin B supplement a week before my period is due. Works for me. Talk to your GP or chemist.