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Do you expect to get a job soon after graduating uni ?

I am 49 and finish uni end of the year and expect to get a job ASAP and should not be put on the back burner over younger people


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If you are in a completely different field with no experience, then you start at the bottom. Your age should not mean anything.

I did for my first degree.. never ever got a job in the field! Doing uni again and am absolutely terrified that I won't get a job.

Don’t expect anything that is the completely wrong attitude to have. It’ll get you no where.

In fact the opposite is true in many industries they are looking to hire younger people.

I think it depends on what you’ve studied and how many jobs are available in your chosen profession. I studied nursing (12 years ago) and already had a job lined up before I finished my degree.
My husband runs his own business and doesn’t really look at age when employing new staff. As long as the candidate is qualified for the position, and he thinks they’ll be a good fit with rest of the team they’ll be working with, they get the job. He recently employed a gentleman in his 50’s.
Good luck in your job search!