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37 weeks

Im 37 weeks pregnant today, have had dirreah pretty much all day, feeling nauseous therefore off food. My back has been sore for the last 3 days. Is this a sign my bub is going to come?


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I think your labour is beginning. I had all this with my first born. It went on for about 6 days before I went to the hospital with really bad back pain. I ended up having him 5 hours later (6weeks early)

How are you going OP?

 Had the baby
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OP Definitely have not had bub yet, i did have a hospital app today though, they sent me upstairs for an ultrasound and heart monitors put on. Bub is all good but not quite ready to come yet
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Call your midwife

OP I called my midwife yesterday (only about my sore back though) she said unless i start having contractions or my waters break then i dont need to go in
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For me that would be a sign of baby coming. Good luck and keep us updated xx

This would be a definite sign labour is coming and your body is prepping