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Do you make conversation for the sake of it or know anyone who does ?


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If you are at a social event - let's say a wedding - then it is good manners to try to initiate some conversation at your table. You never know, you might meet interesting people and enjoy the conversation. At the very least, putting people at their ease and not making it awkward by sitting there in silence.

 Do you randomly say where did you buy your outfit ?
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 What about if it’s at home
My in laws came over to help hubby look at his car and my MIL randomly said are you washing ? Can I wash the 3 glasses ?

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 Yep agreed, it's rude and akward to sit there silently and refuse to make conversation.
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Isn't that what socializing is? Go to a wedding- forced interactions with people you don't choose to spend your time with so you have to make conversation otherwise you're just staring at each other across a table.

I don't. We have two ears and one eye for a reason. However I do know people who talk for the sake of talking d it makes everyone around them uncomfortable. Especially when they tell people personal stuff.

 Do you mean one mouth?? 🤔
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 How do you know it makes people uncomfortable? People who speak for others are just as annoying
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 I have two eyes.
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 ^Do you now? Good for you ✌
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 I have two eyes too
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People can’t seem to leave me alone it’s like I draw them in. I’m happy and friendly looking and if they look like kind people when they smile at me I smile back. They often strike up conversation with me and want to know about me so I happily talk back.