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Am I the only one ?

that doesn't get drunk or eat like a pig at xmas time ?


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I don't drink and I'm the only vegetarian on both sides of our family so no, just salads and water for me!

 You sound like loads of fun!
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 That's really sad. Couldn't you at least have a juice to spice it up?
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 I'm a vegetarian non drinker but i still have a great time (punch anyone 😅) and eat delicious foods.
Only vegetarian too but i always bring at least one thing that i find delicious and nom on it.

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 I wrote this reply, I still have an absolute blast! I don't need alcohol to have fun and I make pretty amazing salads that I take with us for everyone to share! It's my favourite time of year 😊
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I drink but don't often get drunk, I don't like the way it makes me feel. I often feel quite sick if I drink a lot, plus I can remember saying/doing embarrassing things the next day and I hate that. So I just drink enough to be relaxed, not enough to be stupid.

I don't drink (recovering alcoholic) so instead I stuff my face 😋

No, I don't either. Mums get the raw end of the deal on Christmas day. Non stop from the crack of dawn to bedtime.

 Not all mums!!! I drink at my family Xmas and hubby drinks at his
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 My parents are there to take over my parenting duties so hubby and I get to both get drunk together and have drunk sex that night lol pretty much the only night of the year we do and feels like we're 21 again lol
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No i don't either. I don't need alcohol to have fun lol.

 I do 🍹 Cheers 🍻
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I can't drink cuz if migraines. I also do all the cooking which makes me not as interested in eating so much after looking at it for 2 days

Nope I'm pregnant and can barely stomach anything at all

Not for years always preggers or feeding. Still feeding at this one too but at least i can safely eat whatever i feel like! But i generally don't over do it. Too busy with the kids! But god just wait till this baby is weaned or at least night weaned (as if lol) im gunna have one big party to make up for all the shit i have missed out on the last 3 years

No. I'm not much of a drinker. I dont have any actual issues with drinking but its just not something i do.
Hubby actually had to remind me to go to the bottle-o for drinks for other people to drink, cos i just didn't think of it. Hehe