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What grocery store do you shop at? And why?

Woolworths? ALDI? Coles? Costco? Local foodies?


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Coles because i can order to my home for $4 delivery or if i order over $150 it's free delivery. I hate grocery shopping so if i can do it in the comfort of my home why the f not. Also it saves us money if you need to stick to a budget just take out that icecream & we are back under the budget. It stops impluse buying too- winning. If you forget anything you can just add it into your order later if you've left enough time. I tried Woolworths i didn't like their website. I found it's easier to find the cheapest unit pricing on the coles website so again saving money...i will never go back to hauling my kids down to the grocery store & searching for things in aisle like a chump.

I'm not sure where you all live but I live within the Perth metro area... there is a fantastic small chain of 24 hour grocery stores called The Spud Shed. They have extremely inexpensive fruit and vegetables with the prices are hard to be beaten. They do also have various butchery/seafood lines and baked goods plus lots of general grocery items and an area with cheap rejected seconds. Some things sadly can't be purchased there so I will sadly occasionally be compelled to stop into a major supermarket retailer like Coles/Woolworths and IGA. But there is also a small but expanding fruit and vegetable shop (next door to a Coles) where produce is also very cheap, fresh, and sometimes bundled as imperfect seconds in a massive box for $5 for some over supplies. I prefer to support local where possible. Some local butcher's are actually at times not much better than the big supermarket players which is disappointing when at times their costs are a bit higher priced. When shopping, I stick to a list and try not to impulse. If possible, I try to buy lost leaders, depending what aligns with my shop list. If I see things which are generic brands, providing I know they are reasonable in flavour or nutritional info, I choose them over more expensive brands whereby all you're doing is paying for the brand royalties, as the branded company often make the generics but usually alter ingredients slightly or use cheaper ingredients. (I used to merchandise for supermarkets in the FMCG industry for bakery products, so I know where certain breads and generic ones were baked!)..
I also look at weight of items and compare prices, I don't just grab first item visible, chuck in the trolley and move on, I like to be better informed with my research. And one thing that gives me major gripes is seeing the self serve checkouts! At the end of the day, I guess I like to bargain hunt!

Ps. The quicker I don't have to hear supermarket jingle music loops the better. LOL

I shop at all of them, except Costco b cause we don't have it. And I hate all of them. Why can't food and eating be bloody optional lol or why is ordering food from the fridge not invented yet!

 You can buy a smart fridge nowadays 😉
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 Bahaha they aren't that smart and just a tad hard on the pocket lol
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Coles and Woolworths. Because apart from these two and IGA that’s all we have to choose from 🤷‍♀️ WIsh we had an Aldi or a Costco here.

Aldi for most things, Woolworths for nappies (Aldi ones give us a rash), almond milk and a few other things. Coles in our town is shit- only ever go there if I’m at target (in same centre) and need 1 or 2 things- never fruit or veg though, theirs is always rotten 👎

 You must live in same town as me, coles is crap. I only go in if I'm at target also.
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I used to always shop at Woolies but I’ve started shopping at Coles lately and like it. I’m finding it cheaper. I am not a fan of Aldi. There are food allergies in my family and the lack of consistency makes it hard to shop for them.

I have Coles , woolies, and Aldi at my local shops which happens to be on the same street as my kids school. I go through catalogues and buy where the specials are. It’s no hassle to me to do three ( at the most ) shops per week after school drop off.

Aldi is for poor people, i shop at The Boatshed in Cottesloe.

Real rich people are shopping at Aldi while rich-wannabes are burning their money in Cottesloe. Fact.

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 Well I'm not poor by any means and you know why? Because I shop at Aldi. Just because you have money doesn't mean you need to buy the best of the best. We love Aldi, and our big bank balance :)
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 Lol. My husband is a partner in an accounting firm and I shop at aldi. I would rather spend the money on something else.
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 Aldi keeps winning national competitions for best cheese, best meat and other food items. They win these blind tasting because they have an eye for quality. Coles and Woolworths are much smaller companies globally than Aldi and have a lot to learn from this international leader in the food business.
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 People are rich cause they shop at Aldi
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 I avoid cottesloe. I don't like plastic.
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Aldi for meat and cheese and some vegetables. Their chicken breast is fantastic, and fillet steak too.

Woolworths and Coles for their specials. Love buying items half price, or 30% off is OK. Then I stock up.
Woolworths for vegetables, and some meat.
I find Coles meat and veg generally poor quality.

If I am cooking bulk casseroles and pasta sauces, or savoury mince to freeze in meal size quantities, I go to the local butcher where I can get shin beef, best quality mince, and loin lamb chops (treat only), very cheap if I buy in large quantities, that is 2kg or more. Roasts are good from there too. And meat for a big barbeque fry up.

sometimes I go to the local high quality vegetable store in a big shopping centre for unusual items that the big supermarkets don't have. Like Shepherd avocados that don't go brown and aren't always rotten when I get them home (like Hass always are).

I have been in Costco with a member, and looked. But the big quantities you have to buy have never appealed to me. so I never shop there. I love their price influence on all the other petrol outlets close to them though.

You can live well if you are organised, plan meals, use lists when you shop, and get the best quality at the cheapest price.
Bulk cooking enables me to produce meals at $2 to $4 per person serve. But still have plenty of protein for growing kids.
Then we splurge on the occasional treat meal like eye fillet or loin chops.

I did shop at Costco but once I discovered also I stopped. So mostly at also the rest at Cole's.
I price match and if it's $0.2 cheaper at aldi I get it there.

My local is Coles but some items aren’t sold that I buy so have to go to woollies and sometimes Aldi.

Mostly woolies, probably because that's where my mum shopped. I get a few things from Aldi. Pretty much never go to coles.

Aldi if I'm trying to knuckle down the budget, Woolworths online if I'm time poor and Coles for pop ins because it's closest.