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Answered 2 years ago

Has anyone allowed their bf to use a vibrator on them? My bf wants to change things up and suggested using a vibrator on me and make me cum. He reckons he loves getting me off.
Im embarassed.. ive never used a vibrator. R they easy? How does he do it?
Im a nervous wteck

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2 years ago
Try and bullet instead I find men push in too hard with vibrator or can be rough it hurts

2 years ago
Think about how nice it is he wants to get you off. It's not really that scary, maybe pick one together and try it on your own first?
Many men just care about getting themselves off, apparently with changing times, they still can't work out a clit or don't care to learn.

2 years ago
I recommend the app controlled vibrators as above recommend start by using it yourselves. He can control it when your not together. They are amazing. My partner has one too and we have had a lot of fun with them. I actually got a second one.

2 years ago
Yes my husband does on Occassion. Or he will watch me get myself off on it. It’s so hot and we both love it, it has added an extra dimension to our previously boring sex life and we are trying lots of new things. And sex is wonderful again!

I suggest you get used to using a vibrator by yourself without your husband. Get used to it etc and then you can tell hubby how to use it on you.

Also, I have a number of vibrators and my absolute fav is my Greedy Girl rabbit. My oh my the orgasms that has given me.

Have fun!