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Should I quit my job?

Answered 11 months ago

Do I stay in my place of employment because of the extra income it brings in or do I resign and enjoy the last bit of my youngest child before she is off to Kinder? I have alot of personal family issues happening at the moment and the stresses of my employment are not making me feel any better. My supportive partner brings in the main income and mine is just an extra bonus that we have used for renovations and a little spoiling :) Miss 4 is off to kinder next year, she goes to daycare atm while I work so really half my pay goes to paying for that. I am the kind of person who once I have my mind set on something I do it. I think I'm looking for a little reassurance that I am doing the right thing for me? My partner is very supportive of what I decide, he works a 7/7 roster and he said he can do a few extras here and there to cover what I would lose, then I feel guilty because he will be the one at work all the time... Fair to say I hate being an adult!!

  • give it a little more time

  • put yourself first

  • Your doing the right thing


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11 months ago
Follow your instinct. Xxx

11 months ago
I wouldn't, but then I'm not you. If your job is stressful why not look for a better job. You don't need to be out of work to enjoy time with your kids

11 months ago
If you are only going to stop work until she goes to kinder next year, I think your husband should just work his usually hours and you guys just not have the extra money for 5-6 months 🙂

11 months ago
It’s up to you, I think being a SAHM is a beautiful thing and if you enjoy it then go for it, especially since you can certainly afford it- you only have one life and sometimes chasing money isn’t all that it is cut out to be. Goodluck to what you decide x