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What’s for dinner at your place tonight?

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Im so sick of making dinner so tonight we are having ...



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 My kids would be overjoyed if I served them apples 🤣🤣
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chicken wraps, cook chicken bit, put them in store bought mexican burrito wraps with tomato, cheese, lettuce and mayo

Homemade pizzas. Step kids are here tonight and it’s easier than listening to them piss and moan at the table.

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 You’re lucky, my 10 year old step son asked me to get him a cattleman’s steak and cook a potato bake at 4pm the day he was here for dinner. One would think I had pulled a tooth out with a pitchfork when I said that’s not possible
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 Thank you! Im going to do this too now tonight, dinners done yay
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 My kids are older teenagers and even they say “I guess we are having boring food”. The rotation is very toddler foodish or junk. I would be so happy if they ate a potato bake or a steak... or if I could take them out to a restaurant (Unheard of). I usually do a salad, veggie bake of some description, baked chicken or pasta bake or Spag Bol/lasagna ... and they both carry on like I’m trying to murder them. I dont give a hoot on that week we have them overnight one night but the other week in the fortnight is just LONG 😞
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 I think it’s great he eats streak. My issue is a cattleman’s steak from the local butcher is $25 for a small one if available, usually over $30. He eats it all, then feels uncomfortable all evening as he is so full.
$30 is what I would expect to spend on meat for the whole family.

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Veggies and chicken. Boring but healthy

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 Love love love dhal
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 Me too... Left over dahl, add an egg then make balls and cover with panko ... fry... 🤤
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Marinated chicken wings, macaroni and cheese and veggies. My kids favourite.

Home made pizza with left over pork roast and other assorted vegetables & whatever I pull out of the fridge

It's a help yourself night tonight.

 Lol. Same. We had a late lunch out and nobody is hungry
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Good old sausage sizzle with onion and tomato relish with melted cheese favourite Saturday night dinner