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DIY consent order kits

Has anyone used these for property and asset distribution following a divorce? Are they easy enough to use? Is it easy to write the consent orders yourself in the required legal language? Just trying to save some dollars and not get lawyers involved if possible but not sure if I’m being naive about it and end up costing me more in the long run. Thank you


Answers (1)

Absolutely you can use it for that. If you know exactly what you want and how to arrange and word you will save yourself a lot of money. The forms are easy to navigate even for those without legal training. Ensure that if you lodge and then wish to amend that you underline the changes in red. Ensure that every page is signed and all completed correctly as the court can return to you for amendment. 😀 also links to legal terminology will help you. But if you post on here wanting working I check here on my lunch break and in the evening can definitely help :)