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Older woman kept referring to people “our age” when I am quite a few years younger! Has this happened to you??

Last week I was in a shop and struck up a conversation with the retail assistant (a woman who must have been in her 40s). We got on to the topic of kids and spoke about motherhood generally, toward the end of the conversation she kept referring to women “our age” Ie., “oh we she was about our age” etc she did it multiple times. The issue is, I am not her age, I am 34!!! It made me feel like I must look a lot older than I am...I am jumping to conclusions here or did she really think we were the same age?? Had this ever happened to you??? What would you think?


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You assumed her age, why can't she assume yours?

 Such a sensible reply. Fair point, thank you 😊
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Some people (like me) are just really bad at guessing people's age.

 Me too! I'm terrible at it!!
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I'm 28 and people often assume im in my mid 30's. Im not offended by it, I must just look older than I am. Most of my friends with kids are in their 30s too and say things like "our age", iv never been fussed by it

People generally think they look younger than they are. This has happened to me too, and I do not look old for my age. Don’t take offense, lots of people are vain and assume everyone is their age.