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Have you been to a psychologist or counsellor? If so, did you find them helpful?

I have a few things I would like to talk about and need help with building my self esteem and confidence. Just wanted to know if others have benefited or not benefited from seeing someone.


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I struggled with self confidence as a teen/young adult and tended to believe everything that was said to me and take it to heart. I had a conflict with what I thought was a very close friend and as a result wpiralled into depression. My work noticed the change in me and sort of forced me into counselling. It was the best thhing I have ever done. It helped me understand myself and other people so much better.

You may have to try a few to click with. But when you find someone who really wants to help it makes a world of difference! I also have done neurofeedback therapy and some may think its rubbish, but I swear by it! I had horrible PTSD from when I was raped over 15 years ago. Everyday I thought about that day. It replayed in my mind like a movie on repeat. I had 4 sessions and it doesn't come up anymore. Unless I bring it up but it's no longer a constant replay and no longer affecting my life and family. I also had anxiety and felt worthless. But its helped me so much!
I wish you all the best!

Once. It is good to talk to someone and just get everything out. I hate talking to people I don't know though so didnt go back. But my partner said it made a difference he could tell I seemed happier afterwards

 Thanks! I am worried that they will think my issues are insignificant.
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 No they don't think like that your problems are minor. But sometimes they have to pretend like that in order to keep you up.
Btw I am a social worker myself.

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 how does it help keep somebody 'up' to minimise the issues they are coming to you for help with. I had this when I was depressed about losing my job and they told me ' at least you dont have cancer'. wtf how does that help?
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I saw one after i had a miscarriage while hubby was deployed and i lost my job because of it. I was a wreck and it helped heaps. Was so glad i went. I went once a fortnight for a few months and it helped me come to terms with things and find peace (i still grieve about the lost child sometimes but im alot more stable)

I have been to one. And it felt good to speak and get some things out in the open and have someone rationalise the thoughts to make you feel better. However i wouldn’t say it helped me long term. It just helps while there. Each and everyone is different though. If you can get a mental health care plan from your gp, you can go for free or subsidised so you aren’t losing much by trying it.

I think it depends how good they are which you wont know unless you try. I havent had much luck but my friend did.

I've been to a few over the years. Some I clicked with, others not at all. Over all it has been very beneficial for me, Hopefully you get a good one first go, but if not don't feel like you need to stick with them or quit, try someone else, do it for you, you deserve it. you could also try googling schemas developed during childhood and see what ones you relate to, could be a good starting point with a counsellor. Good luck.

I went to a psychologist for anxiety and yes she helped me a lot. I moved and stopped going though, so I fell back into some of my old ways but I'm still not as bad as I was before I went to her.

Yes and yes. Good to have someone independent to talk to. Just need to find the right fit. Dont get put off if you dont click with the first person

I have thought about seeing someone, however am having anxiety over who to go to. How do you find the right person to suit your needs, other than trial and error.

 Get a friend to recommend one.
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I have been to heaps over the years and I can honestly say some are a lot better than others. I had one I thought she was absolutely fantastic then she moved away and I just couldn't seem to open up to the one that replaced her. I saw a Counsellor when my ex and I broke up because of the DV and everything that was involved and that really helped as well. Speak to your GP and they can usually recommend a great one for you. Good luck