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When you come back from your holiday do you say waste of money could have used it for something else ?


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Nope. Never. Ever. Will never happen. We've had incredible adventures. What I would regret is wasting that money on Friday night takeaway or designer clothes.

We've done mostly domestic holidays the last couple of years as our kids are small but are talking about OS next year again. The kids are fantastic travellers so off we go!!

For those bragging about what you've spent - you're travelling for the wrong reasons. We travel on a tight budget, so could spend half what some do on the same trip.

 I wouldn’t complain if I travelled cheap

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 It depends on where you go though. Not everyone wants a bargain holiday. And not all places you want to go can be done on the cheap either. My mum who is now retired sacrificed a lot during her life and could never afford holidays. Now she can and she travels the world first class, spending lot of money and not regretting a single cent. She can afford it, so I say why not.
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Not even the most expensive holiday. If you think they are a waste of money, then don’t go on them. Not everyone loves to travel and that perfectly acceptable.

Lol why would anyone say that about a holiday??? Lol

 Some have more dollars then sense
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Yes we have, especially if we have gone to see family.... Dysfunctional family. We try the best and make the most of it for the kids, but my husband and I always seem to come home miserable and more stressed due to family members being assholes. We have now made a deal...m family holidays will just be us and no dysfunctional members.

No, we loved our last holiday we bought a place there.

I haven’t ever felt this way about family holidays. I enjoy them and enjoy the memories. Time well spent is not something you can ever get back or should regret. People put too much emphasis on money rather than spending time with loved ones.

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No! I love holidaying and although I have enjoyed some holidays more than others I have never regretted spending money on them.

 Bet your holidays are cheap not like my $16k OS with my hubby and our 2 kids
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 We went to UK with 7 spending about 25-30k. It was fantastic and a lot of money, but we knew it was going to be expensive, and no one took out a personal loan for it. Maybe if some of it was done on credit there would be regrets cos you have that to pay back for ages afterwards
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 Our credit card limit is $500
We are savers

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Never, never ever, ever

 Even if it’s $12k ?
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 Bet your holidays are cheap
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 Lol my holidays are cheap camping trips 😂 but they are some of the best ones we've had.
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 Nope to the $12k question. I spend close to $20k going to the US
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 That’s a getaway tight arse
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